Noele Deserved The Sack ... continued

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Whenever we played intimate scenes Nolly always melted in my arms and gave me very special, loving looks - not that I ever felt anything in return.
For our 'honeymoon' it had been planned to go to Spain - cmaeras, crew, the lot.  The snag was that I was then very scared of flying.  I'd been doing a lot and was genuinely convinced I was going to be involved in an accident.  I decided I couldn't go.
I knew Noele was really looking forward to the trip so I had many sleepless nights and soul-searching days before I dropped my bombshell.  Noele reacted predictably.  A look of cold anger that inferred I was being impossible gripped her face.
It was the most frightening experience of my life.  The only other time I've seen her looking as she did then was immediately after her Crossroads sacking.  You know the picture - she was in sunglasses and a scarf.
She behaved just like a jilted bride.  Nobody could placate her.  Finally the 'honeymoon' was arranged for a big hotel in the Midlands - but even that went wrong. 
When I arrived there Noele was in the honeymoon suite, surrounded by champagne.  As soon as she saw me she lost her temper again - because I was half an hour late.  But after about four bottles of champagne she calmed down.
I now think that Nolly is a very lonely, unhappy, disappointed lady.  She has got everything she ever wanted and now she's wondering whether she wanted the right things.
Her problem is partly her ego - it is huge and it has grown every day.  That is partly why the sacking business has come as such a shock to her - her pride can't take it. 
I think she will go to Australia and work for her old boss Reg Watson, who lives out there.  She was on holiday there recently and he told her all about the good life she could have. 
Special thanks to Maria Brabiner for the article

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