I Wept All Night After I Was Fired ... continued

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Now that you know some of the studio secrets of Crossroads and the events leading up to my dismissal I feel the time has come to share some more secrets with you by lifting the veil on my own personal life for the very first time.
Brigadoon made me a star, but long before that I was touring the provinces in several musical shows.  One of these was Black Velvet, with the late Ted Ray.
During this show I fell in love with a young army captain and we arranged to be married at Nottingham register office. 
I left the show and as I walked out of the stage door for the last time a tall, handsome man asked me, "Where are you going?"
I told him I was quitting show business to get married.  He looked down at me and gave me a knowing smile. 
"You'll be back in six months," he said.  "You're not the type to settle down as a housewife."
As it happened, his prediction came true.  I've already told the story of how I was jilted.  Just a week before the wedding I had a letter from my fiance bringing our romance to an abrupt halt.  He cancelled our wedding.  I never saw him again.
After being jilted there was only one thing for me to do ... to return to show business.  And this is when the tall stranger's prophecy really did come true.  I rejoined Black Velvet. 
Special thanks to Maria Brabiner for the article  

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