Trip of A Lifetime for Crossroads Competition Winners ... continued

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Time was now pressing so it was back to the hotel to pick up their coats for a quick trip to Birminghams famous Bull Ring shopping centre, then onto Rackhams Store for hair-do's in preparation for the dinner that evening.
Promptly at eight o'clock everyone began to collect in the Ward Room, a private dining suite in the hotel, where they gathered round the bar for drinks before sitting down to eat.
By now the prizewinners had got to know the stars well and chatted easily around the bar with Noele Gordon, Ronald Allen, Mark Colleano, Fiona Curzon, Rosie Collins, Helen Dorward, Anne George, Zeph Gladstone and producer Jack Barton.
As the guests made their way to the large flower-decked dining table, Suzanne Law, who had been chatting with Noele Gordon, said, "Noele's even nicer than she is as Meg."
Everyone was soon tucking into salmon mayonnaise, followed by minestrone milanaise, with a main course of sirloin of beef bouguinonne.  The sweet was cream diplomat followed by coffee and liqueurs.
The atmosphere was light-hearted and relaxed.  Ronnie Allen had to put up with some teasing about the shorts he wore in a war film seen on TV recently (Hell Boats).
Ronnie said that all the actors in the film spent their evenings shortening the shorts but the next day the naval advisor working on the film insisted that the shorts had to reach the knee to conform with regulations.  So they all had to be let down again.
The dinner went on in this pleasant manner. A crowd of great folk really enjoying themselves.  But it had to end, for the stars, facing a long stint in the studio next day, reluctantly had to leave to prepare.
Anne George, who was staying in the hotel and not involved in the episode to be recorded the following morning, joined the party for after dinner drinks.
Breakfast the next morning was almost a subdued meal, as everyone realised they were soon to go their separate ways.  But they were leaving with some very happy memories.

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