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My name is Jeannine Hochet and I was born in Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, on 25th January 1961, which makes me an Aquarius.  My father is French, hence the surname, and is a healthy 85 years of age.  My mother was born in Jersey and is 74 years old.  I have one elder brother who is married with a 26 year old daughter and a 22 year old son.  My neice is married and has two daughters aged 10 and 4. All the family live in Jersey.
I did all my schooling in Jersey.  I started off at a girls private school run by nuns, and then at the age of fourteen my parents sent me to a mixed comprehensive school.  My favourite subjects were probably history and art, and I loathed Maths because I was useless at it.  My memories of secondary school are happy ones, of telling my closest friends all about what happened in Crossroads the previous night, especially to my favourite character, David Hunter.  It was during the 1970's that I saw Crossroads for the first time in colour.  What a joy that was! 
As you might have already guessed, I lived and breathed Crossroads during my teenage years (and beyond!).  Every night I would sit down to watch the show, and make long hand notes on each episode.  Then I would write these rough notes up into good.  I can safely say that I was obsessed with the show, and with Ronald Allen.  Call it a teenage crush, just like the one I also had for Donny Osmond, only it lasted far beyond my teenage years!  And I am re-living those teenage years through the Crossroads Appreciation Society website and forum, and those wonderful Network Dvd releases of all remaining Crossroads episodes.
I work as a Teaching Assistant at a secondary school in Jersey, where I help out in the Humanties department.  I have been there since December 2007 and on the whole I enjoy the job, although some of the kids can be trying!  I don't see myself doing this work for much longer, as I have applied to go to University to study Physiotherapy.  I love anything health-related and am particularly keen to get into healthcare.  If I could go back in time and train for a specific career I would have loved to have been a doctor.
What do I like doing in my spare time?  I enjoy reading, particularly historical novels.  I am also fascinated by anything to do with the Titanic (perhaps that has something to do with the fact that you know who was in the Tittanic movie A Night To Remember?).  I enjoy watching tennis and have been lucky enough to visit the Wimbledon Championships on numerous occasions where I have seen many of the top players.  In December 2008 I'm off to the Royal Albert Halll in London to see the Blackrock Masters tennis.
I'm also keen on travel, and I guess I have been lucky enough to visit quite a few places through the years.  I've been to Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, USA, Canada, the Gambia, and New Zealand.  In 1988 I gave up my job and spent 9 weeks travelling around the USA with the tour company Trek America.  The travel was by minibus