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Jill Chance returns to the office and finds Barbara, David and Miranda sitting around the meeting table.  Jill sits down.  "So to item one on the agenda.  The proposed offer from Major International Hotels.  The proposed offer from Major International Hotels to acquire the shareholding of Crossroads Motel.  All those in favour please show," says Jill her voice shaking with emotion.  Miranda, Barbara and David raise their hands.  "All those against," says Jill, and she raises her hand.  "Vote carried.  Thank you," she says.

Later Adam Chance joins Jill in the office.  She says she felt as if David and Barbara were saying one thing and thinking another.  Adam tells Jill that they must do what is best for them now.      

Stan Harvey arrives at the motel and see's Jill Chance in the office.  He says he needs somewhere to stay for a few days but if it's awkward then he understands, and he will find somewhere else to stay.  Jill tells him that it's alright, he must stay.  Jill tells Stan that she is so pleased to see him, and hugs him.  ""What's all this then?" asks Stan, surprised.  Jill tells him about the takeover. 

Paul Ross tells Barbara Hunter that he had the pleasure of meeting Stan Harvey earlier.  "Stan Harvey?  Stan, is here?" asks Barbara, surprised. 

Barbara joins Jill Chance in the office.  "Oh, you're back," says Jill.  "Yes, and I gather I'm not the only one," says Barbara.  "Tell me Jill, what is Stan doing here?" she asks.  "I beg your pardon," says Jill.  "Reinforcements?" asks Barbara.  Jill tells her that Stan is here on business and he couldn't have come at a better time, what with them stabbing her in the back.  "Caesar only had one Brutus," she says.  "You really are determined to rock the boat aren't you," says Barbara.  Jill says it's not like that, she needs someone to talk to, someone who is totally outside the motel but who knows how she feels about it.    

Jill Chance and David Hunter await the arrival of the new managing director, which Jill isn't looking forward to.  She says she just wishes everything was nice and simple.  David says things have a way of working themselves out.  "Why should you worry.  You don't have to work with this new executive lady with her shiny briefcase and her shiny mind," says Jill.

David Hunter talks to the new managing director Nicola Freeman in their private sitting room.  David tells her that this is a family run motel, they still have one of the Richardson's with them.  "Jill Chance?" asks Nicola Freeman.  "You've done your homework," says David.  "I always do," says Nicola Freeman.  "Will you continue that family tradition?" asks David.  "Well obviously we'll want to continue with the same friendly, courteous service," says Nicola Freeman.  She says there will need to be changes made.

David takes Nicola Freeman into the motel bar and introduces her to Jill Chance.  He leaves the two women to talk.  Jill tells Nicola Freeman that part of the motels attraction is that it is a family run business.  Nicola says she would be very happy to hear Jill's suggesttions but the final decision must be hers.

Nicola Freeman finds David and Barbara Hunter in their private quarters trying to pack some of their belongings.  David introduces Nicola Freeman to Barbara.  Nicola Freeman tells David and Barbara that she would like them to have dinner with her. 

David, Barbara, Adam and Jill, and Nicola Freeman have dinner in the motel dining room.  Nicola Freeman tells them that if she is going to behind her desk bright and early she had better leave.  She leaves the party and David, Barbara, Jill and Adam go into the motel bar for an after dinner drink.  Whilst David and Barbara get the drinks at the bar, Adam and Jill sit down at one of the tables.  "Efficient, cold and unmoving," says Jilll as she describes her thoughts about Nicola Freeman.  Adam says she is letting Nicola Freeman get to her. 

Adam tells Jill that he doesn't expect her to be happy about it but she was a bit of a wet blanket at dinner.  Jill apologises and tells Adam that she asked Nicola Freeman if she would give Benny a job but she said no, and she feels really bad about it.  Adam tells Jill that she must look at it from Nicola Freeman point of view, she has taken over the motel and she wants to create a new image, and perhaps Benny doesn't fit into that image.      

David and Barbara join them at the table for drinks.  Adam tells David and Barbara that Jill is concerned that Mrs Freeman didn't give Benny a job.  Jill says it's not only that, her main concern is that Mrs Freeman is going to stop Crossroads being about what it always was about, and make it all about success and upward mobility. 

David and Barbara have lunch with Stan Harvey.  David talks about his and Barbara's decision to leave.  "Will it be as exciting in three months time.  Are we doing the right thing," says David.  "Of course you are," says Stan.  David says it isn't easy.  Stan says he knows it isn't, he has been through it himself.  "When I sold my business and moved to Germany and started a new life, I had all the worry's and the doubts.  But what's life without a few of those," says Stan.  "He's right David," says Barbara.  Stan tells David and Barbara that he has never regretted it.

David Hunter goes into the office where he finds Nicola Freeman.  Nicola Freeman tells him that she has decided to see Benny Hawkins again, and asks him if he would tell Barbara.  David says she will be pleased.  Nicola Freeman says they'll work something out.  "That's very kind of you," says David.  Nicola Freeman tells David that she would like to thank him for making everything so painless.  "I know people in your position who would have dug their heels in and made it as awkward as possible," she says.  David says there is no point in that.  "I'm sorry our aquaintanceship has been so short," says Nicola Freeman.  "Yes, so am I.  And I wish you lots of luck, not that I expect you'll need it," says David. 

Nicola Freeman tells David that if the rumours are true ans they settle in Kings Oak then he must look her up.  David says he certainly will, and they shake hands.  Barbara Hunter comes into the office and tells David that there are one or two people who would like a quick word with him before they leave. 

David and Barbara leave the office and walk into reception where they are greeted by the staff applause.  Paul Ross speaks on behalf of them all and says they are used to having them here, they are not used to saying goodbye.  Paul says he thinks the main reason he has been chosen to speak is that he is less like ly than anyone else to break down.  "Oh dear," says Barbara, close to tears.  "I can't say the same for my wife," says David.  Paul Ross presents David and Barbara with gifts.  "I can't say a lot.  Just thanks for all the years," says David emotionally.

David and Barbara shake ahands with the assembled members of staff and make their way outside.  Adam kisses Barbara and see's her safely into the car whilst David hugs Jill.  David and Barbara drive away from the motel towards a new life.








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