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Paul Ross and Miranda Pollard look around another cottage.  Paul tells Miranda that he might consider it.
David and Barbara Hunter meet Glenda Banks in reception and Barbara asks her when she actually leaves for Canada.  David asks her if she has any reservations and Glenda says no, not really, although she knows it will hit her mother hard. "Don't worry about Kath, Glenda.  As long as I'm at the motel there'll always be a place for your mother," says Barbara.   
Kath Brownlow joins John Latchford in the motel bar and she asks if Elaine Winters has gone.  John tells her Elaine had a hair appointment.  He says Elaine said something earlier that made him think.  He tells Kath that if she is going to hide her feelings from him then things must be bad between them.  John asks Kath to sit down.  "I guess I pretend that Kath is alright because Kath is always alright," says John.  He tells Kath that he shouldn't have rubbed her nose in it about Kevin and Glenda. 
John Latchford suggests a night out, a new start, and he asks Kath when her next night off is.  Kath tells him that she is off on Wednesday, but that's the night before Kevin, Glenda and Katie leave.  John says they'll have a night out all together.  Kath tells him that she would like that but she doesn't know about Glenda and Kevin.
David and Barbara Hunter walk in the grounds of the Manor House adjoining the motel.  David tells Barbara that the Manor House would make a nice home for them.  Barbara says she thought he wanted to get away from the motel completely.  "Yes I did," says David.  "Well it's hardly sensible to move next door.  We'll still be living over the shop," says Barbara.  David says something Glenda said started him thinking.  "Cutting loose, doing their own thing.  Start all over again," says David.  "So what's to stop us?" asks Barbara.  "Me I suppose," says David.
Glenda Banks tells Kevin that Kath is going to tell him that John Latchford has asked them for a meal next week.  Glenda tells Kevin that they are going to accept.  Kath Brownlow comes into the room with their dinner and tells them that John Latchford has asked them to dinner, and she thinks the least they can do is accept.  Kevin says yes.
David and Barbara stop to admire the view.  "Why not leave the motel altogether?" asks Barbara.  "You mean sell out?" asks David.  "Yes.  Make an absolute clean break," says Barbara.  "Sounds exciting and dangerous," says David.  "It's what you really want to do isn't it?  There's going to be a board meeting next week and the only thing on the agenda is going to be the takeover bid.  A decision will have to be made," says Barbara.  Barbara tells David it would be the ideal opportunity to make the break he was talking about.  "You'll never have a better chance," says Barbara.         
Miranda Pollard gets the office ready for the board meeting.  Miranda tells Jill that David was looking for her.  The baord meeting gets under way and Miranda Pollard reads a telex from her father, J. Henry, in which he says he suggests thet accept the offer made by Major International Hotels.  Jill Chance says it's a bit of a waste of time all these telexes across the Atlantic.  Miranda tells Jill that she is her father's proxy so it's her duty to inform the directors of the motel about his wishes.   
Miranda Pollard tells Jill, David and Barbara that J. Henry has heard it through the grapevine that Major International Hotels are determined to establish themselves in the area.  She says if they turn down Major International Hotels offer then an approach will be made to Fairlawns Hotel, which if successful would place them in direct competition with a company large enough to undercut them. 
"Sheer speculation," says Jill.           
"I don't believe that Fairlawns are any more interested in selling then we are.  It's a ploy," says Jill.  Jill says she can check it out.  "That's irrelevant," says David.  "Precisely," says Jill.  "For another reason," says David.  "Oh," says Jill.  "Barbara and I have decided to sell out," says David.  Jill tells David that he waits until they're sitting around this table to annouce it and David says he did try to find her.  "It was a difficult decision Jill," says Barbara.  "But you made it," says Jill.  "We did, as we're entitled to," says David.
Miranda says they should put this to the vote.  "We are talking about twenty years hard work which we're going to be throwing away because nobody could care less," says Jill.  David says it is a very handsome offer, even J. Henry thinks so.  "J. Henry!  All he cares about is making a fast buck," says Jill.  Miranda Pollard says her father is a businessman.  "Yes and this is a business.  A family business that my mother set up, that we're all fighting for," says Jill passionately.  "Things change Jill," says Barbara, gently.  "Don't they just," says Jill. 
"You could cash in on thirty percent of close on two million pounds," Miranda tells Jill.  Jill stares at her.  "Oh Daddy's little girl," says Jill, sarcastically.  David tells Jill that she will have endless open to her with that kind of money, and she can do anything she likes.  "What I like.  What I want is for this business to stay exactly as it is," says Jill.  Barbara says it can't and Jill says there must be some way. 
"I propose we put the motion to the vote," says Miranda Pollard.  Jill stands up.  "I'm damned if I will!" shouts Jill.  Jill says she isn't going to watch all this being thrown away by three greedy little hands in the air.  David tells Jill that she can't just walk away, and if she goes they can vote in her absence.  "Well, you do that.  And I hope you feel proud for the rest of your life," says Jill, and walks out of the office. 
Adam Chance talks to some diners in the motel restaurant and the woman notices Jill standing at the restaurant entrance waving her arms.  Adam goes over to Jill and asks her what is the matter.  Jill tells him that something terrible has happened.  "They're ganging up on us," says Jill.  She tells Adam that she can't talk here and tells him that she will meet him in the bar.
Jill and Adam talk in the bar.  "Out of the blue.  Just like that, no warning," says Jill.  Adam says he can't believe it.  "We musn't let it happen.  We've got to do something," says Jill.  "But what?" asks Adam.  He tells Jill that minds are made up, and what ever she thinks about David he isn't a rash person.  "You don't agree do you?" asks Jill.  "No of course not.  But we do have to come to terms with it.  Minds are made up..." says Adam.  Jill tells him to stop saying that.
Jill tells Adam that David and Barbara have made a hasty judgement and they've got to be made to see the advantages of being in control...oh you know what I mean," sobs Jill.  Jill says David and Barbara have been under a lot of stress, if they could get away for a holiday, then they could come back and see everything properly and things will be as they were.  Jill tells Adam that he must go and talk to them.  "You go in there and you fight for me, and you fight to win!" sobs Jill. 
David tells Miranda and Barbara that the meeting will re-convene at four o'clock to take a vote.
Adam Chance goes into the office and talk to David and Barbara Hunter.  He tells them that Jill is very upset and Barbara says that's understandable.  Adam says he is supposed to be here to talk them out of it, but he can't blame them.  "But Jill see's this as a sort of betrayal.  To Jill more than any of us she see's this as the break up of the family.  She regards this place as her family home," says Adam.   
Adam goes to the bar and tells Jill that he tried everything.  He tells Jill that David and Barbara are determined to put their private lives first.  "And to hell with everyone else," says Jill.  Adam tells Jill that when it comes to a show of hands then she will be outvoted.  He says they have got to come out of this with as much dignity as possible.
Miranda Pollard, David and Barbara Hunter wait in the office.  David tells them that they have to keep this on an even keel, they know it's a formality and they win but to spare a thought for the loser.                                                  

1985 Episodes continued

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