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Patsy Harris tells Marion Owen that it's alright, she'll come back.  At that moment Doctor James Wilcox comes back into the waiting room and says hello to Patsy.  He tells Patsy that he will see her but Patsy says it's alright, it's not really important enough to bother him with.  Doctor Wilcox says he will be the judge of that. 
Patsy Harris and James Wilcox go into the doctor's consulting room and the doctor looks at her file.  "I see," he says.  James Wilcox tell Patsy that it might be better if she saw Doctor Wigmore.  He says he wouldn't prescribe the pill to someone her age.
Iris Scott tells J. Henry Pollard that she heard that Mr and Mrs Hunter were back from holiday.  She tells him that the Hunter's aren't keen on her because they were involved in all this trouble with Mr and Mrs Chance. 
J. Henry Pollard tells Iris Scott to go to the office and ask if they can recommend a good removals firm, and apologise at the same time.  Iris isn't too sure but J. Henry persaudes her to go.
Patsy Harris goes to the Wilcox home and tells Larry Wilcox that she saw his father at the surgery and she has never been so embarrassed in her life.  She says his father gave her a lecture.
Barbara Hunter tells Jill about her and David's holiday.  She says David and Chris got on like a house on fire, that Chris has matured. 
Iris Scott comes into the office a little apprehensively and tells Jill that Mr Pollard asked her to ask if she could recommend a good removals firm.  Jill looks in the filing cabinet for an address and tells Iris that she will be back in a moment.  Jill leaves the office. 
Iris Scott asks Barbara Hunter if she had a good holiday and Barbara says yes.  At that moment David Hunter comes into the office and sits behind the desk.  Iris Scott tells David and Barbara that she feels ashamed of what she did and would like them to know that she is really sorry.
Jill Chance comes back into the office and gives Iris Scott an address for a removals firm.  She tells Iris that the next time J. Henry wants to talk to them he only has to pick up the phone.  "Yeah, well bye," says Iris and goes.  "Yeah, bye," says Jill in response.  Barbara tells Jill that Iris was being really quite sweet.
James Wilcox arrives back home and finds his son Larry studying.  Larry tells him that he didn't need to give Patsy a lecture, he embarrassed her.  James Wilcox tells Larry that he is embarrassed by his lack of responsibility.  James tells Larry that he doesn't want him and Patsy alone in the house.
Glenda Banks and Kath Brownlow arrive home and Glenda goes upstairs expecting to find Doris Luke with baby Katie.  She comes back downstairs and tells Kath that Doris and Katie have gone.  Glenda tells Kath that Doris told her she would be staying in.  "Where are they mum.  What on earth's happend?" asks Glenda, anxiously. 
J. Henry Pollard asks Iris Scott to get him some lunch from the motel.  Iris goes into reception, stops Diane Hunter and tells her that J. Henry wants lunch.  Diane tells her that the restaurant is closed.  Paul Ross comes into reception and Iris Scott tells him that J. Henry Pollard wants some lunch.  Paul repeats that it won't be possible.  Iris order Paul Ross to get what she wants or there will be hell to pay, and again Paul tells her it isn't possible.
Iris Scott goes into the motel office where she finds Adam and Jill Chance and Diane Hunter.  She tells them that Mr Pollard ordered lunch and Paul Ross won't fix it.  Adam tells her that the chef has gone home so there is no way they can fix lunch for J. Henry.  Adam Chance tells Iris that he doesn't know whow she wormed her way into J. Henry's favour, but they all know her for what she is, a little slut.  He tells her to go back to J. Henry and tell him that they can't comply with his request.  Adam tells Iris that sooner or later J. Henry will see her for what she is, a little trap.  Iris stutters and goes out.  Jill tells Adam that she thinks he was a little over the top.
Glenda Banks tells Kath that she is going to phone the police.  Kath says she'll phone Marion Owen at the surgery because Doris mentioned something about going to the surgery to get some stockings for her varicose veins, so she may have decided to walk there with Katie.
Kath Brownlow phones Marion Owen at the surgery and asks her if she has seen Doris Luke and baby Katie today.  Marion tells her that when she saw Doris and the baby they were heading out of the village towards the woods. 
Meanwhile Doris Luke pushes baby Katie in her pram, but is having trouble walking.  Katie is crying out for her feed.
Glenda Banks is about to call the police when she see's a van pull up outside and Doris gets out with Katie. 
Paul Ross goes to J. Henry Pollard's chalet with some sandwiches and tea.  J. Henry says he ordered a steak but Paul says the restaurant is closed so this is all he could rustle up.  He asks J. Henry what exactly Iris Scott's duties are.  J. Henry tells Paul that he has seen some qualities in Iris which need encouragement.  Paul tells J. Henry that Iris thought it was a conspiracy against her that the restaurant was closed.  J. Henry asks what happened and Paul says Iris ended up in tears because of something Adam Chance said.  "Get him in here," seethes J. Henry. 

1984 Episodes continued

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