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Adam Chance wonders why Miranda Pollard wants to come to the motel.  He tells Jill that every time Miranda comes here there's trouble. 
Kath Brownlow returns home and finds John Latchford waiting for her.  She tells John that she feels she is being pushed into the background, ready to be picked up again. 
Barbara Hunter waits in the sitting room for David to arrive.  Jill joins her and tells Barbara that she looks marvellous.  Barbara tells Jill that Sarah Alexander is staying on at the motel, and she is having the baby.  "She'll probably give birth in a chalet with room service," says Barbara. 
Barbara asks Jill if she has told Adam and Jill says she hasn't.  "He'll know soon enough," says Barbara, not realising that Adam already knows.  "I promised David I wouldn't give in, and what are we doing tonight.  We're going out because she will be here," says Barbara.  "Well at least you're together," says Jill.  "In the formal sense," says Barbara.  "Oh is he still sleeping in the spare room?" asks Jill.  "Yes.  He asked me earlier what he was fighting for.  I don't know," says Barbara.  
Jill tells Barbara that Sarah will give up eventually.  "Yes but not without a certain amount of ugliness.  People know she was friendly with David and that they went into partnership.  And when she starts to show, that child will be like a bomb ticking away right under our marriage," says Barbara.  "Yes, but David won't know the child, not like Chris," says Jill.  "He loves Chris you know.  More since he found out he wasn't his father.  He knows he'll never be a father with me.  This is as close as he'll get.  Things would have been different if I'd have conceived when we first got married.  If I'd gone to the doctor, but that would be like admitting I had a problem, so I just hoped.  That's part of the reason I can't touch him now.  I just don't see the pleasure of it, just the emptiness," says Barbara.   
Kath Brownlow receives a phone call from her sister Rose Scott.  Later, Kath tells Glenda that Rose didn't throw Iris out.  Apparently Rose caught Iris with Rose's boyfriend Gerry.
David joins Barbara in the office and tells her that she looks marvellous.  Barbara asks David if they could talk before they go out.  "What sort of mother do you think she'll make?" asks Barbara.  "Oh Barbara.  There's no point," says David.  "It's a simple question.  You must have thought about it," says Barbara.  "Yes," replies David.  "And?"  "Motherhood can change a woman," says David.  "You would hardly call her the maternal type.  David, she is having this baby to tie you to her," says Barbara.  "I'm not certain," says David.  "But it won't happen the way she thinks or so you tell me.  If you reject her she will reject your child sooner or later," says Barbara.  "You're making too many assumptions," says David.  "Still it is your child," says Barbara.  "Yes," says David quietly. 
"Well you could bring it up.  We could," says Barbara.  "She'd never agree," says David.  "Well at least it would make her see that you were serious about staying with me," says Barbara.  "Yes it would do that, but what if she said yes," asks David.  "Well we would want it that way," says Barbara.  "Would we?" asks David.  "You would, wouldn't you.  I know I would," says Barbara.  David stares at her.  "You must have known that," says Barbara.  "Sarah's child," asks David.  "Your child," points out Barbara.  "You'd do that," says David.  "It wouldn't be a sacrifice.  It would be a gift," says Barbara.  "You're saying we have a future, you and I?" asks David.  "A little difficulty in the bedroom that's all," says Barbara, with a little laugh.  "Couples get over it," she adds.  "Wouldn't it be strange if all this trauma meant something to us in the end," says Barbara.  "Yes it would be strange," says David.  "Dare we hope?" wonders David.  "Ask her," says Barbara. 
Doris Luke see's Mavis Hooper in the motel reception area and asks her what she is doing here.  Mavis tells Doris that she is having dinner with Sid. 
Kath Brownlow and Glenda confront Iris Scott about why she left home.  Iris asks them what her mother said and Kath tells her what Rose said.  Iris tells her that it wasn't like that.  Iris tells them that her mother's boyfriend couldn't keep out of her room, he never stopped trying it on.  She says she walked the streets for house just so she wouldn't have to be in the same house as him.
Glenda Banks waits for the babysitter to arrive before she goes to work.  Iris Scott tells her that she wishes she could get a job.  Kath Brownlow tells her that there might be a chance of a job at the motel.
David Hunter talks to Sarah Alexander in the motel office and says he and Barbara would like to talk to her.  They go into the sitting room where Barbara is waiting.  Barbara tells Sarah that she and David would like to adopt her baby, they would be able to give it stability.  Sarah Alexander can't believe they are serious at first, then realises that they are.  David tells Sarah that he and Barbara are staying together.  Barbara says she would love that child as if it were her own.  "But it's not is it," says Sarah.  Barbara tells her that as long as she is going ahead with the pregnancy there is no need for her to make a rash decision.

1984 Episodes continued

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