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Jill Chance visits Diane Hunter at her flat and notices that she has been crying.  Diane tells Jill that there has been some talk in the village about her and Doctor Wilcox.  Diane says she is in love with James Wilcox but he doesn't seem to feel the same way.

Sid Hooper notices Mavis's medicine on the table and asks her what it is.  Mavis tells him it's a tonic.  She says Doctor Wilcox said she should get out more and find some new interests.  Mavis tells Sid that she went out for a wlak last night and did a lot of thinking.  "And I've come to a decision.  I want a divorce Sidney," says Mavis.

John Latchford delivers a package to the motel office.  Jill and Adam Chance go into and find the package.  Adam asks Jill what it is and Jill tells him that it's an exercise cycle. 

Barbara tells David that there is a symposium in London and they want her to write an article about it. 

Adam Chance assembles the exercise cycle in the office and starts peddling it.  Jill comes into the office and giggles.  David Hunter comes into the office and tells Adam that he understands he has an application form for him. 

John Latchford tells Kath Brownlow that his manager is very pleased with him, and has offered him a job as regional manager based in the Midlands.  He tells Kath that this will put them on a firmer footing.

Diane Hunter comes to the motel and Jill and Doris welcome her back.

Ken Sands tells Carole that he is thinking of moving house.  He tells Carole that he hasn't got much to offer Kath Brownlow.  Kath Brownlow comes into the garage to collect the dirty towels and Carole Sands goes out.  Ken tells Kath that he would like her advice on houses because he is thinking of moving.  Kath tells him there is nothing wrong with his present house.

Barbara Hunter prepares to leave the motel to go on her trip to London.  Jill asks her how long she will be away and Barbara says just a couple of days.  As Barbara leaves the motel a woman comes into the motel and books in with Jill.  The woman gives her name as Sarah Alexander, and asks Jill if they have a restaurant.  Jill offers her a menu to look at.  Paul Ross comes up to the reception desk and Sarah Alexander makes a reservation for dinner.

Ken Sands offers Kath Brownlow a lift home, and gives her a present for Glenda and Kevin's baby. 

Joe MacDonald see's Captain Beecher-Blunt in the motel bar, and says he saw him last week in the Britannia pub.

Diane Hunter see's Doctor James Wilcox at the motel and he says he noticed that she had registered with one of the other doctors.  Diane tells him that she thought it would be for the best.  Diane tells James Wilcox that she told her son Nicky about James' son and Nicky sent some stamps for him, so if he is passing he could collect them.  James Wilcox asks Diane if she could put them in the post. 

Sarah Alexander asks Adam Chance if he could help her.  She tells him that she owns a chain of electrical shops and she is looking for a property in the area.

John Latchford see's Ken Sands in the motel reception area and asks him if he could fit in his car for a service.  He tells Ken that it seems he won't be moving on after all, he has been offered a job as area manager in the Midlands so he is here for the foreseeable future. 

Paul Ross see's Diane Hunter in the motel bar and says he has been watching her, and he can see that she is unhappy.  He says perhaps she should see Doctor Wilcox for a check up.  "You're keen on him aren't you?" asks Paul.

Sid Hooper asks Mavis what grounds she is going to divorce him on, and Mavis says irritrievable breakdown of marriage.

David Hunter talks to Adam Chance at the reception desk and asks him if he could put any phone calls for him through to the sitting room.  David walks out of reception towards the private wing.  Sarah Alexander watches him from the bar.  Sarah Alexander goes up to the reception desk and asks Adam Chance who the man is who just left, and Adam tells her that was David Hunter.

James Wilcox goes to Diane Hunter's flat and tells her that someone rang the surgery saysing she was dangerously ill.  Diane says that was her.  James Wilcox tells Diane that he behaviour is very irresponsible.  The doctor turns to leave and Diane says she loves him.  James Wilcox tells her that if she had any regard for him then she would exercise some self control.  He says this could ruin him professionally.  James Wilcox tells Diane that he has no feelings for her.








1984 Episodes continued

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