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Adam Chance tells Jill that he can't afford to buy Oliver Bank's share of the garage.  Jill says she could put up the money but Adam says then it would be her, not his. 
Jill Harvey talks to her daughter Sarah Jane and arranges for her to spend a week with her and Adam.  Diane Hunter comes into the office and Jill asks her if she would have her son Nicky back to live with her if she could.  Diane tells her that Nicky is settled in America.  Jill says that after she and Adam are married her circumstances will be different and there is no reason why she shouldn't have Sarah Jane for good.
Diane goes to see Terry Lawton at the Brownlow's and tells him that she had a phone call from his s-called friends.  Diane tells Terry that he will have to go to the police but Terry says he can't.
Later, Kath Brownlow arrives home with Benny who has come to do some gardening.  Benny see's Terry Lawton and isn't too pleased to see him.  Terry tells Benny that he just wants to disappear for a while.  "Can you keep a secret?" he asks Benny.  "Just forget you ever saw me," says Terry.
Benny goes to Diane's flat and tells her that he saw Terry at the Brownlow's and he seemed really frightened.  Diane tells Benny that he is to forget all about it.
Joe and Sid try and persuade Mavis not to throw Benny out of the lodging house.  Benny joins them in the living room of the lodging house and Mavis tells him that he has a week to find somewhere else to stay.  Benny tells Mavis that he isn't leaving.  He tells her that he can see something but he can't tell her what. 
Two men arrive at the motel.  Bert Henderson checks in and tells Glenda that he is an old friend of Diane Hunter.  Glenda tells him that it is Diane's day off.  Barbara Hunter comes into reception at that moment and Glenda calls her by name.  She gives Barbara a letter, and Barbara walks away opening the letter as she goes.  "Mrs Hunter?" asks Bert Henderson.  Glenda tells him there are two Mrs Hunters. 
Bert Henderson and his friend Des go to Diane's flat.  Bert Henderson tells Des to have a look around the flat.  He asks Diane where Terry is and Diane says she doesn't know.  Des finishes his search of the flat and tells Bert that there is no one here.  Bert tells Diane to tell Terry to get in touch. 
Benny arrives at Diane's flat and she tells him tha two men were here looking for Terry, and they will be coming back.  Benny says he will wait for them, but Diane says it's no use, one of them was built like a tank.  "I'm not scared," says Benny.  "I am Benny.  Iam," says Diane.
David realises that Jill will want a week off to spend with Sarah Jane.  He says they will be short staffed.
Jill shows Adam the wedding list.  She tells him that Sarah jane will be arriving here in a week, and Adam says he doesn't know if he can get the time off.  Jill says she has already had David waffling on about having a business to run, and Adam says he does have a point. 
Kevin Banks comes running into the garage and asks Sid Hooper to give him a hand.  "It's Wally.  he's passed out," he says. 
Diane Hunter returns to her flat to find Sharon.  Sharon tells her that two men called at the flat earlier and they think Terry is staying at the flat.  She tells Diane that she should call the police but Diane says she can't because that willl get Terry into trouble. 
Jill tells Adam Chance that she has cleared things up with David about him having time off to meet Sarah Jane.  Adam says Sarah Jane won't recognise him, it's her mother she wants to see not a lotal stranger.  "It's a questions of time.  We've got to turn that total stranger into daddy," says Jill.
Sharon Metcalfe catches Benny with his mouse and asks him to come into the office.
Doctor James Wolcox examines Walter Soper and tells him to get to bed and stay there. 
Jill Harvey receives a phone call from Kevin Banks who asks her to pass a message onto David Hunter.  Kevin gives Jill a phone number where Oliver Banks can be contacted.  Jill tells Adam about the phone number and tells him that it is obviously about the garage.  Adam says David will beat them in a fight.  "Not with the advantage we've got," says Jill, holding up the piece of paper with Oliver Bank's phone number on.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to see Doctor James Wilcox and asks him for some tranquillisers.
Jill Harvey talks with Paul Ross about Sarah Jane coming over next week.  She says she is hoping it will lead to something more permanent.
Benny tells Sharon that Diane is upset because of her brother but she won't tell him what is wrong.  Sharon tells Benny that some men want 20,000 from Terry Lawton.
Barbara Hunter works on her book in the sitting room.  David joins her and she tells him about her idea for the book.  Adam Chance comes into the room and asks if they know where Jill is.  David tells him that she has gone to see her solicitor.
Benny uses the garage phone to make a private call.  He tells Sid Hooper that he needs a couple of house off work this afternoon.
Barbara Hunter asks Paul Ross if he could put a Do not Distub sign on the door.
Glenda Banks waits for Kevin in the garage staff room.  Sid Hooper tells Glenda that Mavis is throwing Benny out at the end of the week and he was wondering if Kath would put him up until he finds somewhere else to live.
Benny goes to the Brownlow's to see Terry Lawton.  Benny asks Terry how much money he needs and Terry says 20,000.  Benny tells him that he will get it for him.
Barbara works at her typewriter in the sitting room.  David comes to the sitting room door and notices the Do not Disturb sign hanging on the door handle.  He quietly opens the door, walks a few paces into the sitting room and reaches for some papers on the table.  As he reaches for them he rattles a teacup.  Barbara stops typing and looks around.  "What on earth are you doing?" asks Barbara.  "Taking heed of the notice," replies David.

1983 Episodes continued

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