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Kath Brownlow gives Arthur his breakfast and tells him that Ron didn't come home last night. 
Glenda Banks calls at Stonebank Farm to give Kevin his sandwiches.  She asks Kevin what is going to happen to Stonebank, and if it is going to be for sale.  Glenda says they could rent it then they would be on their own.  Kevin says it would be expensive and Glenda says she could talk to Mrs Mortimer.
Meg and Jill look at some carpet samples in the motel sitting room.  J. Henry Pollard comes in and Meg asks him if there is anything wrong.  J. Henry tells her no, he just came to enjoy her company.  Jill shows him the samples and asks him what he thinks.  J. Henry takes a closer look and says it has a seven year guarantee.  He says seven years is a long time to look ahead, and does think she will still be here in seven years.  Meg says she doesn't see why not.  "What if the motel was to change hands?" asks J. Henry.  Meg looks at him.  "Is David thinking of selling out to you?" asks Meg.  J. Henry Pollard tells Meg that when he see's something he likes, he likes to have it.  J. Henry leaves the room.  "Jill.  Where's Adam?" asks Meg.
Benny arrives at Stonebank Farm with a friend called Sam Hurst and introduces him to kevin Banks who is decorating Stonebank.  Sam Hurst asks Kevin if he is the new owner and Kevin says no, he is just redecorating before it is rented out.  Benny tells Sam that perhaps he could rent it and Kevin tells him that perhaps it isn't what Mr Hurst is looking for.  Sam says it is exactly what he is looking for.  Benny tells Sam that he will go to the motel and see Mrs Mortimer.
At the motel Benny meets Diane and explains that he has come to see Mrs Mortimer for his friend Sam Hurst who wants to rent Stonebank Farm.  Diane says it's probably going to be expensive but Benny says Sam has got plenty of money.  Meg comes into the sitting room and Diane leaves.  Benny tells Meg that he has a friend who would like to rent Stonebank Farm.  Meg tells Benny that Sam would have to see the estate agents.
Benny returns to Stonebank Farm and tells Sam Hurst that Mrs Mortimer told him that he would have to see an estate agents about renting Stonebank Farm.
Adam Chance joins Meg and Jill in the motel sitting room.  Meg tells him that David is preparing to sell the motel to J. Henry Pollard.  Meg says she has spoken to her solicitor who says that David can't sell any of his shares to anyone without her or Adam's agreement, but as the majority shareholder he can sell the entire company, and there isn't anything they can do. 
Adam tells Meg and Jill that he has an idea that J. Henry Pollard might be working for himself and he wants to hear what David has to say.  Meg picks up the phone and tells Adam and Jill that she is going to speak to David.  "On second thoughts, you speak to him.  I don't trust myself," says Meg handing the phone to Adam.  "David.  It's Adam.  I'm with Meg.  I don't care what you're doing, just drop everything and get over here," says Adam, over the phone.
Shortly after David joins Adam, Meg and Jill in the sitting room.  Adam asks David if it is true that he is planning to sell the motel to J. Henry Pollard.  David says yes, he has offered to sell.  Adam says he doesn't understand.  David says he has spent a lot of time looking into this.  He says they need a change of direction.  David tells them that they can sell the motel at a good profit and they can all earn a lot of money without doing anything.  Meg tells David that the motel is her home. 
Diane Hunter arrives at Stonebank Farm and Benny introduces her to Sam Hurst.  Diane tells Sam that she understands that he wants to rent Stonebank, but Sam says not anymore, he doesn't like the way Mrs Mortimer does her business.  Diane tells Sam that she could have a word with Mrs Mortimer for him.
James Corbett finds Adam Chance in the sitting room and says he promised he would let him know how long he is staying.  James tells Adam that he will be staying for at least another week.  Barbara Hunter comes into the room and says she just wanted a word with James.  Adam tells Barbara that he wanted a word with her too.  Adam tells Barbara that David is preparing to sell the motel.  Barbara says she is embarrassed to say it but she doesn't know anything about it.  Adam says he should have guessed.  Adam leaves the room.  "Keeping secrets.  No trust.  What sort of marriage is that.  If you ask me David's not out of his mind, he's disturbed," James Corbett tells Barbara.
Arthur Brownlow tackles Ron about him not coming home the night before.  Ron tells him that Iris Scott needed him.  Arthur tells Ron that he has been brought up with certain principles.
Kath Brownlow arrives home from work and finds suitcases in the hall.  She asks Arthur what is going on and Arthur tells her that Ron is leaving.  Ron Brownlow comes downstairs and Kath asks him not to leave.  Ron says it's for the best.
Ron Brownlow goes to Mavis Hooper's house and asks her about a room.
Barbara Hunter returns to the Coach House and asks David if it is true that he is going to see the motel.  David says yes, and Barbara says he could have told her.  She asks him why he wants to sell and David says he is tired of the motel, tired of business.  He says it is pushing them further and further apart.  David tells Barbara that he wants to buy a boat and travel around the world for two or three years.  Barbara says he didn't ask her what she wanted to do.  David tells Barbara that she could go on writing.  Barbara tells him it's a good idea.  "For you to do on your own, without me," says Barbara.  "Jimmy said he thought you were disturbed but he was wrong.  You're out of your mind," says Barbara.
The following day Meg, Adam and Barbara talk in the motel office.  meg asks Barbara if she thinks David would change his mind about selling if Barbara agreed to lend Chris the money for the boat business.  Barbara says she would never agreee to lending Chris the money.  Adam tells them that as majority share holder David can do what he wants.  Meg says that's the answer, David needs the money quickly to lend to Chris, so Barbara could buy some of David's shares for cash which would give him the money he needs for Chris.  Adam says Barbara now has the problem of trying to persuade David to sell his shares.
Diane Hunter talks to Adam Chance and asks him if anyone has rented Stonebank Farm.  Adam says the rent is quite high, and they haven't many people interested.  Diane tells Adam that she knows someone who would like to rent Stonebank, it's a friend of Benny's called Sam Hurst.  Adam tells Diane that he will speak to Meg.
Barbara Hunter returns to the Coach House and tells David that she has some money coming in from an American deal and she could use it to buy some of his shares.  She says it's not for his sake, it's for Meg and Adam.  Barbara tells David that if she buys the shares she will vote against him selling the motel.  Barbara says he always said he wanted her to be more involved in the motel, so will he agree to accept her as a co-director.  David says why not.
Barbara tells David that he could still sell the rest of his shares, buy a boat and travel the world on his own.  David says he doesn't want to go on his own, the whole idea was that he wanted to be with her.  Barbara says he agrees to sell her 15% of his shares.  "It's agreed," says David and walks off.

1981 Episodes continued

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