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David Hunter see's J. Henry Pollard in reception and says he understands that J. Henry has business interests in the Bahamas.  He explains that his son Chris has been offered a partnership in a boating enterprise in the Bahamas.  J. Henry asks the name of the business and when David tells him he says it is a sound business.  J. Henry tells David that he remembers his son.  "An enterprising young man.  This could be just the thing he needs," says J. Henry Pollard.
Miranda Pollard goes to the motel sitting room.  Diane Hunter comes in and finds her deep in thought.  Miranda tells Diane that she has had a row with her father and Adam Chance.  Miranda tells Diane that she is going to do the thing which would annoy them the most, marry Gilbert Latham.  Diane asks if she loves him and Miranda says she is very fond of him.  Diane asks Miranda what Gilbert Latham thinks about it and Miranda says that's her second problem, she is going to have to find a way to tell him.
David and Barbara Hunter have a meal at the Coach House, and David opens a bottle of champagne.  Barbara stands beside him and slips her arm through his.  Barbara asks why they are drinking champagne and David says it's a token of peace.  He says he knows he has been difficult.  He says he saw her and James Corbett together and felt excluded and jealous. 
Barbara tells David that she saw a Rolls Royce at the motel, and asks who it belongs to.  David tells her that J. Henry Pollard is at the motel.  He says J. Henry has business interests in the Bahamas and he asked him about the boat business which Chris has been offered a partnership in.  Barbara says she understands now, all this champagne was just a softening up process, all carefully planned.  David tells her that this evening was meant to be exactly what it was.  Barbara says he plans a romantic evening and he just happens to mention Chris.
Barbara tells David that he would be throwing money away on Chris.  "Our money is in a joint account and I would never agree to lending Chris that money," says Barbara.  "You know I had more or less decided not to lend Chris the money partly for his own sake.  Now you've pushed me to reconsider.  It might not be such a bad idea after all," says David.  "I expect you'd rather dine alone," says Barbara, and leaves the room.
Gilbert Latham comes rushing into the motel reception and asks Jill and Meg where Miranda Pollard is because she wanted to see him.  Jill tells him that Miranda will be with him in a moment.  Meg asks Gilbert Latham how the calendar is getting on and Gilbert says very well, he should have the final prints next week.  Meg says that's good because they can get it into the printers well before Christmas.
Miranda Pollard comes into reception and tells Gilbert Latham that she has something very important to ask him.  They sit together in reception.  "Will you marry me?" asks Miranda.  Gilbert Latham stares at her and asks her to repeat what she just said.  Miranda asks him again.  "That's what I thought you said," says Gilbert Latham.  "Yes please," he says. 
J. Henry Pollard walks through reception and walks over to where Gilbert Latham and Miranda Pollard are sitting.  He says may he be the first to congratulate them.  Miranda goes off to book a table for dinner.  Gilbert tells J. Henry Pollard that he can't keep this to himself, and rushes over to the reception desk.  He tells Meg and Jill that he is getting married and Jill asks if it's anyone they know.  J. Henry Pollard comes up to the desk and Gilbert introduces him as his future father in law. 
J. Henry Pollard tells Gilbert Latham that they should talk.  They go to J. Henry's chalet.  J. Henry Pollard tells Gilbert Latham that he doesn't approve of this marriage and will do everything he can to stop it.  He tells Gilbert that Miranda doesn't love him, she is just doing this to score a point over him.  J. Henry tells Gilbert that there is another alternative.  He says he understands that Gilbert has ambitions to be a professional photographer, and says he will set him up in his own business and support that business for three years on condition that Gilbert doesn't see Miranda.
Barbara Hunter comes into reception and Meg notices that she is looking a little down.  Barbara tells her that she has just had a row with David, the worst ever.  Meg guesses that it is about Chris and the boat business.  Barbara says it's probably a good proposition, even J. Henry Pollard says so.
Barbara Hunter goes into James Corbett's chalet.  They go through the book but James notices that she isn't concentrating.  James gueses that she has had a row with David.  Barbara tells him that the row was about David's son Chris.  James Corbett says he doubts that is the real cause, if her marriage was really secure then nothing would shake it.  Barbara sits on the bed.  "Oh dear God.  Why are you doing this to me," she says.  James Corbett sits beside her on the bed.  "It's over.  Deep down you know that," he says.  He kisses her, but Barbara pushes him away.  "I must be mad," she says, and gets up.  She gets her coat and tells James Corbett that she is going.  James Corbett tells Barbara that they still love each other.  "I'm not going to let you go for a second time," he says.
J. Henry Pollard finds Miranda in the sitting room and asks her how dinner was last night.  Miranda tells him that Gilbert left early, he said he wasn't feeling well.  J. Henry tells Miranda that he had a talk with Gilbert Latham last night and made him a proposition.  He tells Miranda that he offered to set Gilbert up in his own photographic business.  Miranda tells her father that he can't buy Gilbert Latham off.
Gilbert Latham joins J. Henry and Miranda Pollard in the motel sitting room.  J. Henry tells Gilbert that he has told Miranda about his proposition.  Gilbert Latham says the idea of owning his own business is very attractive but he has to refuse.  he says he is a happy amateur photographer and that's how he wants to stay.  Gilbert Latham tells J. Henry Pollard that he doesn't need to bribe him because he won't see Miranda again after today.  Miranda asks her father if he would leave her and Gilbert alone to talk, and J. Henry Pollard leaves the room.
Miranda Pollard asks Gilbert Latham why and Gilbert says it would never have worked, they're too different.  "You don't love me," says Gilbert Latham.  He says they would be getting married for the wrong reasons, but he is flattered that she asked him.
Iris Scott gets ready to go to the Brownlow's house.  Mavis Hooper comes into Iris's room and notices that she hasn't got her dress on.  Iris tells her that she isn't wearing a dress, she is going in jeans and a sweatshirt.  Mavis tells her that a boy likes his girl to look nice, and she helps Iris on with her dress.
Gilbert Latham goes to the sitting room and see's Meg Mortimer.  He says he really wanted to see Mr Hunter or Mr Chance.  Meg tells him that Mr Hunter is at home and Mr Chance has gone to see him.  Gilbert Latham gives her the photographic album with the photos for the motel calendar.
At the Brownlow's home Kath Brownlow lays the table.  Ron Brownlow and Iris Scott arrive shortly after.  Iris asks Glenda how married life is suiting her, and Kath tells her that she can see the wedding photos later.  Kath tells Iris that she likes her dress.  Kath asks Ron when he is going to name the day and Ron looks at her.  "The wedding," says Kath.  Ron tells her that he never mentioned anything about marriage.
Gilbert Latham says goodbye to Jill Harvey and tells her that he has finished the photo's for the calendar so it's back to the office.  He asks Jill if he could talk to Diane, and Jill calls Diane from the kitchen.  Diane Hunter comes into reception and Gilbert Latham tells her that he just wanted to say goodbye before he leaves.  Diane says she thought him and Miranda Pollard were getting married and Gilbert says that was a dream, but it's all off.  He says it's back to the office for him.  Gilbert says goodbye and holds out his hand to Diane, but she hits it away.  "Give us a hug," she says and hugs him.

1981 Episodes continued

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