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Benny tells Doris Luke that if he catches the two men who attacked her he will teach them a lesson.  Doris tells Benny that he musn't think of revenge.
Diane Hunter asks Chris if he can come to her flat this evening because Ray Segal wants to talk to him about a divorce.
Barbara Hunter joins Meg in the office and Meg is surprised to see her.  She asks Barbara why she didn't go to Guernsey with David.  Meg tells Barbara that she and David talked about him selling some of his shares in the motel and David said he would think about it.  Meg asks Barbara if she could remind David the next time she hears from him.  "I'll remind him if he rings again," says Barbara.  "You mean he might not?" asks Meg.  Barbara tells her that this is a sort of trial separation for her and David.  "But you were so much in love.  Have your feelings changed?" asks Meg.  Barbara says yes, and she thinks David's have to.  "Well I wish you both luck.  As long as you know what you're risking," says Meg.  "I do know Meg.  We both know we're risking our lives together, our marriage," says Barbara.
Kath Brownlow makes a flower arrangement for Kevin and Glenda's room.
Chris Hunter talks to a friend on the telephone and tells the caller that he could be in Cornwall in a few days.  Adam Chance stands beside Chris and overhears the conversation.  When Chris has finished the phone call he notices Adam.  "You never learn do you," says Adam.  Chris explains to Adam that some wealthy friends of his are going on a boat trip around the world and have asked him if he wants to go along.  Adam Chance asks Chris about the record producing and Chris tells him that's over.
Kath and Arthur Brownlow welcome Kevin and Glenda Banks back from their honeymoon.
Chris Hunter goes to the Coach House and tells Barbara that he is going on a round the world boat trip.  Barbara asks him if he has told David yet and Vhris says no, not yet.  Barbara tells Chris that David will be hurt because he was hoping he would settle down.   Chris tells Barbara that he will never make a hotel manager, and David should realise that.  He says his father is making him feel guilty.  "I'm not guilty, but you are," Chris tells Barbara.  "No, that's not true.  If you're referring to Eddie Lee then nothing happened," says Barbara.
Glenda Banks asks her mother to come to town with her but Kath tells her she can't as she has something else she has to do.  Glenda asks kath what is wrong and Kath tells her that Iris Scott is in prison.  Kevin Banks asks what the prison is like and Arthur says it's very clean.  Glenda asks her father how he knows and Arthur tells her that he went to visit Iris.  "Why?" asks Glenda.
Ray Segal goes to Diane Hunter's flat and he asks her if she is seeing anyone.  Diane says no.
Harry Fellows and Len Morton, the two men who attacked Doris Luke, come to the motel and order some drinks.
Chris Hunter goes to Diane 's flat to discuss his and Diane's divorce.  Ray Segal leaves.  Diane tells Chris that she wants a divorce quickly and the 5000 he owes her for going through with the marriage.  Chris tells Diane that he can only give her 1000.  Chris asks her if she is serious about Ray Segal, and Diane tells him that she is only friendly with Ray Segal because of her son Nicky.  "I'm going to marry him," Diane tells Chris.  She says Nicky needs a good home and a family, and Ray will make a good father.  "Ever thought of marrying for love just for a change," says Chris.
Harry Fellows reads about the attack on Doris Luke in the local paper.  He tells Len Morton that the paper says the doctors treated Doris Luke for cuts and bruises, but the shock could be more serious.  "What if she dies?" asks Len Morton, anxiously.  "Dies of what," jeers Harry Fellows.  Len Morton tells him that Doris Luke could have a weak heart.  Harry Fellows leaves to go to the toilet.  
Len Morton goes to the reception desk and asks Meg Mortimer, who is on reception duty, if he could have an evening edition of the local paper.  Meg gives him a copy.  Len Morton looks through the paper and asks Meg if she knows the woman who works here who was attacked.  Meg says yes.  "She's not seriously hurt then?" asks Len Morton.  Meg tells him no, she was just in shock. 
Meg tells Jill and Adam Chance that she has just spoken to David on the phone and he isn't selling any of his shares.  She says she is fast running out of patience.  Adam Chance tells Meg that David has the right to consider his best interests.
Kath Brownlow and Glenda Banks go to see Doris Luke at Stonebank Farm.  They find Doris still shaken from the attack on her.
Adam Chance takes Kate Loring to his boat.  Kate tells him that a recording company in London has offered her the moon but she doesn't want to leave him.  She tells Adam that she loves him.  Adam tells Kate that she has always wanted a successful career and now is her chance.  He kisses her.
Meg receives a phone calll from David Hunter and she tells Jill about it.  She says David wants Barbara to take his place at the motel during his absence.  Adam Chance comes into reception and Jill Harvey asks him how his trip on the boat went.  Meg tells Adam that she has just been speaking to David on the phone.  Adam says he doesn't want to talk about it right now.
Glenda Banks arrives home after work and finds Kevin eating a sandwich.  She tells him that she could have prepared something for him.  Kevin says he has to go to work anyway.  Kevin kisses her and Glenda tells him to hurry back.  Kevin kisses her again, then they sit on the settee kissing.  Arthur Brownlow comes into the living room and see's them.  Arthur goes into the hallway and calls to Kath asking her where his pen is.  Kath shouts back at him to look behind the cushions on the settee.  Arthur walks back into the living room and see's Kevin and Glenda still kissing on the settee.
Adam Chance sits alone in the office listening to a tape of Kate Loring singing 'More than in Love.'  Jill Harvey comes into the office and asks him if he will be seeing Kate Loring again.  Adam says no, it's over.  Jill invites Adam to Chimney's for dinner.
Kath Brownlow asks Arthur if he found his pen and Arthur says no.  Kath looks behind one of the cushions on the settee and finds the pen.  Arthur tells her that the settee was otherwise engaged, Kevin and Glenda were kissing and cuddling.  Kath smiles and tells Arthur that she used to be like that when they were courting.  "Give us a little kiss then whilst no-one's looking," says Kath.

1981 Episodes continued

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