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Diane Hunter asks Chris why he let that punk go into the office.  She says she is going to check that Mrs Mortimer is alright.  She walks towards the door leading to the private wing just as Meg comes into reception chatting with Danny Fielding.  Danny Fielding tells Meg that he will check on the ingredients for that recipe  for migraine and let her know. 
Arthur Brownlow returns home from work and Kath joins him in the living room.  Kath tells Arthur that it was worse then they thought, but Arthur says he doesn't want to know.  "They sent her to prison for three months," says Kath.  "What!  Prison," says Arthur, shocked.  "What'll it do to her.  She's just a kid," sobs Kath.
Barbara Hunter joins David in the motel office.  Chris Hunter comes in to the office and tells David that he needs a loan.  "10,000," says Chris, then on seeing David's face says, "Alright, make it four."  He tells David that he can get the money in a few monts but Johnny Keller is pressuring him for the money now.  David tells him that what capital they have is shared between him and Barbara.  Chris says in that case he knows where he stands.  Chris looks at Barbara and says surely she wouldn't kick a man when he's down.  Barbara says if he were the man then she'd make sure she put the boots on first.  Chris shrugs and walks out of the office.
David looks at Barbara.  "Diplomacy doesn't seem to be your strong point," he says.  He tells her that Johnny Keller is pressuring Chris for that money and Barbara tells David that Chris is making a fool of him and taking advantage.  David tells her that is nonsense, and says they have got to sit down and talk this over.  Barbara tells David that it would be nice if they could talk about anything without shouting at each other.
Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that she is going to go and see Iris Scott in prison. 
Seamus Flynn tells Pat Grogan that he has seen Doris Luke coming towards Stonebank Farm, so they move a piece of furniture in front of the door.  Doris Luke bangs on the door and demands to be let in.  Benny tells Seamus and Pat that Doris Luke has only come to cook the dinner.  He moves the furniture away from the door.  In the meantime Doris has gone around to the back of the house and lets herself in by the back door.  Doris Luke comes into the farm kitchen and gives them the rent book.  She tells them that she is the tenant at Stonebank.  Pat Grogan looks at the rent book and tells Seamus Flynn that they will have to leave.
Kath Brownlow visits Iris Scott in prison.  Kath takes some things out of her bag to give to Iris and asks Iris what the food is like in prison.  "It's muck that's what," says Iris.  "I don't want your food or your book.  I just want to be left alone," says Iris and walks out of the visitors room.  Kath Brownlow begins to cry.
Pat Grogan tells Doris Luke that Benny could do with some help about the farm, and Doris says perhaps that isn't such a bad idea.  She tells Pat and Seamus that they can stay on at Stonebank Farm.  She tells them that breakfast is at 5 a.m., then they can do the digging and chop some wood.  "One more thing.  At least one bath a day, cold," says Doris.  Seamus Flynn says that does it, he isn't staying. 
Arthur Brownlow tells Kath that he told her Iris is ungrateful. 
Becky Foster comes into the motel reception and gives a guests keys to Jill Harvey who is on duty at reception.  Jill tells Becky that she heard she was leaving and Becky says yes, she is going to work for her father.
Chris Hunter takes over duty at the reception desk and tells Becky that he heard she was leaving.  He asks her if there is anything he can do to make her change her mind, and Becky says no.  Chris asks her if she is leaving because of Kate Loring.  "No Chris, it's because of me," says Becky, and walks out.
Adam Chance and Kate Loring go horseriding.
Doris Luke is alone at Stonebank Farm when there is a knock on the door.  Doris answers it to two young men dressed in casual clothes.  One of the men tells Doris that they have come to read the meter, and tells Doris that he is training the other man.  Doris Luke lets them into the farm kitchen.  One of the men asks Doris if she could go upstairs and check how many power points there are.  Doris Luke tells them that she has just made a pot of tea and offers them a cup.  After one cup of tea Doris offers them another cup but they decline, saying they must get along.  Doris says she will go upstairs and check the power points.
As soon as Doris Luke has gone upstairs the two men start looking around the kitchen.  One of them finds Doris Luke's handbag and he tips the contents onto the kitchen table.  He finds the purse and opens it, taking out three pound notes.  Doris Luke comes back downstairs.  "Why you young...." she says, as she see's them.  One of the men runs towards the door, but Doris gets there before him and blocks his way.  She tells them she wants her money back, and their names.  "You must be joking," says one of the men.  The other man tells his friend to give her the money.  One of the men grabs Doris and throws her roughly to the floor.  He walks menacingly towards Doris.  "Leave it out Harry," says the younger of the two men.  Harry turns and leaves.  The younger man kneels beside Doris, and then leaves.
Benny goes into the kitchen at Stonebank Farm and finds Doris Luke lying on the floor.  He kneels beside her, and turns her over gently.  "Miss Luke.  What happened?" he asks.  "Two men," murmurs Doris Luke.  Benny holds her to him and tells her that he will have to leave her to go and fetch a doctor.
At the Coach House, David Hunter receives a phone call from Guernsey.  Chris Hunter arrives at the Coach House and David asks him what he is doing home so early.  Chris tells him that Johnny Keller is pushing him for the money and he needs to know if he can have it.  David tells him that he has to think about it.  Chris goes into the kitchen and tells Barbara that he supposes it's all her doing, that she told David not to lend him the money.  Barbara tells Chris that David has done enough for him, such as paying his fines and getting him out of prison in Algiers.  "He loves you Chris," she says.  "No, he owns me," says Chris.           

1981 Episodes continued

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