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Chris Hunter goes to the office and asks David if he would cash a cheque for him.  Chris asks David if he knows how long the Pollard's will be staying.  He says he took Miranda Pollard out last night.  David reminds him that Miranda is engaged to Adam Chance and asks his son to think about things in future.
Jill comes into the office with a postcard from Meg.  She leaves the office but waits by the door.  In side the office Chris tells David that he went to Diane's flat the other evening and Adam Chance arrived.  "A cosy little twosome," says Chris.  Jill listens outside.  "You're not serious?" asks David.  "I am, and I bet they were too," says Chris.
Diane Hunter takes Adam Chance his morning coffee in the sitting room.  He asks her if she could call into Stonebank Farm on her way home and give Reg Cotterill a cheque.  He thanks her and says perhaps they can have another meal together sometime.  Adam puts his hands on Diane's arms just as Jill Harvey comes into the room.  Adam takes his hands away from Diane quickly.
Miranda Pollard tells J. Henry that she won't be leaving after all.  J. Henry asks Miranda if she knows anything about Chris Hunter's background and Miranda says she knows enough.  J. Henry asks Miranda if Adam knows that she went out with Chris and suggests she tells him.  Miranda tells her father that if Adam asks then she won't deny it.
Benny gives Alison some daffodils for her to take to Barbara Brady for her wedding.  Alison says there will be plenty of flowers there and puts the flowers on the table.
Chris Hunter visits Rosemary at the sanitorium and tells her that he won't be coming to see her tomorrow.  Rosemary asks him what he will be doing and Chris says that Diane has got a day off and they're going out.  "The wedding's tomorrow isn't it?  I'd like to wish them both well.  It is tomorrow isn't it?" asks Rosemary, and Chris nods.  "They didn't invite me," she says.
Adam Chance tells Jill that he will be moving out of Chimney's and into David's flat at the motel.  Jill asks him why he doesn't move into Diane's flat.  "It has been shared before you know," she says.  Adam asks her what she is talking about and asks if she is suggesting there is something going on between him and Diane.  Jill tells him that she has information from a very reliable source, Chris Hunter.
Diane goes to Stonebank Farm and finds Benny on his own.  She gives him the cheque from the motel and asks him if he could give her a receipt.  Benny tells her that he hasn't got the receipt but he will write it on an ordinary piece of paper.  They talk about old times at heywood Farm and Diane tells him that he must stop wishing he was back at Heywood Farm.
Chris Hunter joins David in the office and David reminds him not to be late for the registry office.  Chris tells David that he went to see Rosemary today and David asks how she is.  "She asked when you were getting married," says Chris.  "Did you tell her?" asks David.  "She knew before she asked," Chris tells him.  "You know, she couldn't understand why she hadn't been invited," says Chris.
At the Coach House Alison helps Barbara into her wedding outfit.  Barbara shows her the white silk flowers that she will be carrying.  "They're everlasting so I can cherish them for ever.  Like my marriage," says Barbara.  There is a bang and yell at the door.  "That must be David," says Barbara, opening the door.  David comes in carrying suitcases, ready to move into the house he and Barbara will be sharing.
Miranda Pollard joins Chris Hunter in the office and he says they are living dangerously. 
In the sitting room Adam Chance tells Diane that he talked with Jill and Chris has already started spreading rumours about them having an affair.  "What!  How could he do it.  I'll sort him out," says Diane.  She asks Adam if he knows where Chris is and Adam tells her that he is in the office.  Diane moves towards the door but Adam stops her.  "Leave it to me.  It's my turn this time and I think I'm going to enjoy it," he says and leaves the sitting room.
Adam Chance goes into the office and when he opens the door he finds Miranda Pollard and Chris Hunter kissing.  They part quickly.  "Darling.  You do pick your moments don't you," says Miranda.  "What the hell's going on?" asks Adam.  "Chris!?" shouts Adam.  "Well, it wasn't mouth to mouth resusitation," says Chris.  "You can cut that out for a start," warns Adam.  "You're not going to make a silly fuss are you?" asks Miranda.  "I asked a question and I want an answer.  What's going on and how long has it been going on?" asks Adam. 
"I was saying thank you.  Chris took me out for a very nice evening and I haven't seen him since, and I was saying thank you," says Miranda.  "I see.  You took her out?" Adam asks Chris.  "Yup," says Chris.  "Where?" asks Adam.  "This little dive I know," replies Chris.  "Plackers.  Decided to give it a second chance," Miranda tells Adam.  "I see.  Was it a great success?" asks Adam.  "Oh a disaster darling.  We hardly stayed ten minutes did we Chris," says Miranda.  "Ten minutes," agrees Chris.  "Well I would say that was quite a thank you for ten boring minutes in a grotty little cellar," says Adam.  "You're not going to get all scrachy about this are you.  It's absurd," says Miranda.  "Mandy.  Go to the living room and sit and wait.  Just do it.  And shut the door," Adam tells Miranda.  Miranda leaves.
"You're not thinking of going in for a bit of violence are you because I scare terribly easy you see," says Chris.  "Grow up," Adam tells him.  "Oh real man to man stuff.  Well, why not," says Chris.  "Get this straight Chris.  You're not going to clown your way out of this one.  I want to know what happened and I want to know now," says Adam.  "That's rather a big question," says Chris.  "Then I will settle for the pertinant facts," says Adam.  "Well that will be a matter of priorities you see, because what might be important ot you might not be to me or to Mandy for that matter," says Chris.  "Just tell me what happened.  You took her to this disco and you left early," says Adam.  "No, that's a slight exaggeration.  Early hours would be more accurate," says Chris.  "And then what?" asks Adam.  "I took her home," says Chris.  "And after that?  I want to know Chris," says Adam. 
"Well why don't you check it out with her, after all it's her version that counts.  I mean me...I'm such a liar," says Chris.  "Don't you give a damn about anybody else but yourself.  Doesn't it matter what other people feel.  As long as you get a good night out, wrecking things for other people couldn't matter less," says Adam.  "Come on, wreck is a pretty strong word," says Chris.  "it's the one I want, it's the one that's applicable.  You wreck things and what is more you get a certain pleasure out of doing it," says Adam.  "Oh come on," says Chris.  "What you told Jill about me and Diane, not only wasn't it true but you knew it wasn't and it did a lot of damage," says Adam angrily.  "I believe what I see.  I see a bloke creeping up the stairs to a girls flat of an evening.  I see the girl particularly anxious to get rid of me.  I can read the signs.  That means one thing," says Chris.  "The same as taking a girl back to her chalet at three o'clock in the morning," says Adam.  "You said it," says Chris.  Adam slaps Chris across the face.  "Never knew you had it in you," says Chris.  "You don't take anyone for what they're worth Chris.  That's your problem in life," says Adam, and leaves the office.
Adam goes through to the sitting room and finds Miranda Pollard there.  "Has my darling been strong and bold," says Miranda.  "Mandy, just sit down.  Please Mandy, just sit down," Adam tells her.  "We're not going to have a row are we?  I couldn't stand it," says Miranda.  "No we're not going to row.  As a matter of fact you're not going to say anything, and I'm not going to shout at you.  If you're wise you will just sit and listen," says Adam.  "What's he been saying?" asks Miranda.  "I'll do the talking alright.  Now I know what's been going on, so do you, so there's no point in spelling it out.  Whatever you say will be a variation on a theeme and we all know what that theme is.  And it has got to change, Mandy.  It's got to.  We won't go over the past.  We are engaged to be married.  We've picked a church, we've even gone as far as writing out a guest list.  Some people might be able to go along with what you find entertaining in life.  I can't.  If Chris Hunter is so fascinating to you then go to him now, if being with him or his kind is so essential then say so now," says Adam.  "Games darling," says Miranda.  "Then the games are over.  I've just blown the final whistle," says Adam and leaves the room.
On the day of David and Barbara's wedding, Chris Hunter rushes into the motel dressed in a suit and tie.  "Mrs Hope, I overslept.  I bet my dad's doing his nut," he tells Tish Hope, who is on duty at the reception desk.  "Bad night last night?" asks Tish Hope.  The telephone rings and after answering it Tish hands the phone to Chris.  "It's your mother," she tells him.  "Mum.  Yes.  I'm just on my way actually.  No, I didn't tell him.  I'll stop by there first thing afterwards, ok...Mum, please don't do this to yourself.  As soon as it's over I'll be there alright," says Chris.  Chris puts the phone down and walks towards the motel doors.
Diane Hunter comes into reception.  "Caught you," she says to Chris, but he doesn't reply.  "I suppose you'd rather talk about me than to me," says Diane.  "Later eh," says Chris.  "I want to know what you've been saying to people about me," Diane tells Chris, angrily.  "Look please, don't you start.  I had enough last night from Adam Chance," says Chris, and leaves.

1980 Episodes continued

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