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Ira Turvey finds a box lying around and tells Cyril Watkins that Harry must have put it there.  She opens the box and finds a fur coat inside.  "Where did he get that?" asks Cyril Watkins.  "What's more important is, what did he use for money," says Ira. 
Sharon Metcalfe asks Victor Lee why he went to see Geoffrey Foster, and Victor says he was concerned about her.  "Another move like that, and you'll see me walk right out of that door," says Sharon.
Ira Turvey asks Harry where he got the coat from and Harry says he won 85 on the horses so he thought he would buy her something nice.  Ira says he could have given the money to Cyril to pay him back the 100 he lent them to pay off their debt.  "But I suppose that thought never entered your head," says Ira.  She says he is to take the coat back to where he bought it and get the money back, but Harry says he can't do that because he bought it in a sale. 
Victor Lee receives a phone call from a garage mechanic, Nobby, who has been off work with the flu.  Nobby tells Victor Lee that he has lost a gold lighter which was a present from his wife.  Later, Victor tells Joe MacDonald about the phone call and says he gave the gold lighter to Geoffrey Foster who said it belonged to him.  "Now why would he do that?" asks Victor Lee. 
Becky Foster goes to the garage and asks Victor Lee where Sharon Metcalfe is.  She says she wanted to ask Sharon to dinner.  Becky invites Victor Lee and well and he accepts the invitation.  Victor Lee asks Becky if her father smokes and Becky says no, neither did her mother. 
Marion Owen arrives at Cyril Watkin's flat for dinner.
Lloyd Munro joins Meg in the sitting room and Meg notices that he is worried about something.  Lloyd tells her it's Barbara Brady, she keeps talking about poisons, and even asked Marion Owen to show her the poisons at the surgery.  Meg says it's only an interest of Barbara's and tells him he is worrying too much. 
Victor Lee goes to see Geoffrey Foster and tells him that one of his employees phoned this afternoon and sais that he had lost a gold lighter.  He says this employee happened to be working on the Foster's car.  "You said the lighter was yours but you don't smoke," says Victor Lee.  Geoffrey Foster goes to the drawer and takes out the lighter.  He says it was a mistake and hands the lighter to Victor.
Sandy Richardson arrives back at the motel for Trina and Joe's forthcoming wedding.
Barbara Brady comes to the motel and asks Trina Jameson for David Hunter.  Trina says he is in the office and offers to phone through, but Barbara says not to, and she will have coffee for one in reception.  Doctor John Farnham comes into reception at that moment and see's Barbar Brady sitting in reception.  She asks him if he could possibly give her a lift back to the cottage because her car is in the motel garage for its M.O.T.
Joe MacDonald asks Benny how his holiday was and Benny tells him that Ed Lawton is looking very tired and older.  Benny says Ed gave him a chequ for the money he had put into Heywood Farm.
David and Meg wish Trina Jameson all the best for her marriage to Joe MacDonald.
Becky Foster gets things ready for the meal with Sharon Metcalfe and Victor Lee.  Geoffrey Foster tells Becky that Victor Lee won't be coming.  The doorbell rings and Becky opens the door to Sharon and Victor.
John Farnham asks Barbara Brady how long her car will be because he has to be at the surgery in ten minutes.  Barbara tells him not to worry and go as she will have her car back soon.  John Farnham leaves the motel, and Barbara Brady asks Trina Jameson, who is on reception duty, if she could find out how long her car will be.
Reg Cotterill comes into the motel reception and asks Trina Jameson if Mr Hunter is available, but Trina tells him that David isn't available at the moment.  Sandy Richardson, who is at the desk, asks Reg Cotterill if he recognises him.  "Sandy Richardson," says Sandy.  Reg Cotterill remembers him from the time when Sandy helped Mrs Ash on her farm.  "I was sorry to hear about your accident," says Reg Cotterill.  Reg tells Sandy that the management are thinking of buying his land.  At that moment Meg comes into reception.  "I see you've met my son," she says to Reg Cotterill.  "But his name's Richardson," says Reg.  Meg tells Reg that she re-married.
At the Foster home Sharon and Becky go into the kitchen, leaving Victor Lee and Geoffrey Foster together.  Victor Lee tells Geoffrey Foster that all this is having an affect on Sharon.  Geoffrey Foster warns Victor to keep out of it, as it is nothing to do with him.  Victor Lee leaves.  Sharon Metcalfe comes out of the kitchen and asks why Victor left, and Geoffrey tells her it doesn't matter.  Geoffeery Foster gives Sharon a present.  "Oh thank you," says Sharon and kisses Geoffrey Foster on the cheek.  He holds her and kisses her.  Becky Foster comes into the room and see's them.
David joins Sandy in the sitting room for breakfast.  Sandy tells David that he met Reg Cotterill yesterday, and says he has known him for years.  Sandy says it would be a good idea to keep Reg Cotterill on as manager of the market garden.
Later, Sandy suggests to David that Benny might be able to help Reg Cotterill with the market garden.  At that moment Benny comes into reception dressed for Trina and Joe's wedding.  "You look smart," David tells him.  Benny tells him that he has had the suit for a long time.  "It suits you," says David.  "Suits you.  That's a good one," laughs Benny.  Benny tells Sandy that he couldn't help hearing them talking about a farm and Sandy explains that since Ed Lawton retired the motel has had to buy its vegetables at a higher price.  He tells Benny that they are thinking of buying some land to turn into a market garden.  Benny asks if he can help but Sandy says it hasn't been settled yet so advises Benny not to build his hopes up.
Cyril Watkins receives a phone call from Harry Turvey's brother Peter in New Zealand.  Cyril tells him that Harry isn't in at the moment but he should be back soon.  "Yes.  Tell him what?  Oh yes, I'll tell him," says Cyril.
Sandy notices Barbara Brady sitting in reception and goes over to her.  He says he is sure he knows her.  Sandy takes Barbara Brady through to the motel sitting room.  Barbara Brady tells Sandy that her name is Barbara Brady but she also goes under the name of Eleanor Ruskin.  She tells Sandy that she is a writer and he has probably seen her on the cover of one of her books.

1979 Episodes continued

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