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Sandy tells Joe MacDonald that he thinks he is crazy.  "What?" asks Joe.  "Trina," says Sandy.  He says Trina is a very unhappy girl.

Benny returns to the garage and goes into the garage office to see Victor Lee.  "I've been thinking about your future," says Victor.  He asks Benny how he feels about learning to be a mechanic.  He says he might have to go to technical school but Benny says he doesn't know if he would like that. 

Diane Hunter joins Chris in the sitting room and he says he never considered her feelings.  "I know you've wanted out since the beginning so I'm going to drop the whole thing.  No court case and no money," says Chris.

*** End of Episode 3151 ***

Joe MacDonald telephones Trina Jameson and asks her what she is doing that evening.  Triana says she isn't doing anything and Joe says he is taking her out.

Rosemary joins David in the sitting room and tells him that she is going to drop her action against Chris.  "I didn't think you'd go through with it," says David.  "I'm the one who's weak David, not you," says Rosemary.  "Will you ever forgive me?" she asks.  David walks to the drinks cabinet and on his way he squeezes Rosemary's shoulder.  Chris comes into the sitting room and Rosemary tells him that she isn't contesting his claim.

Trina Jameson meets Joe MacDonald in the garage and apologises for messing things up.  Joe says he was the one who was scared of getting involved and now he is scared of losing her.  "I want us to get engaged again, only this time it's for real.  I want you to marry me ok," he says, and they hug one another.

*** End of Episode 3152 ***

David asks Meg how she feels about Sandy leaving.  Meg says Sandy has left home before but this time she knows it's for good.  Sandy joins them and tells Meg that he can't find his medical card.  Meg goes with him to help look for it.

Later Meg joins David in the sitting room and shows David some accounts that Sandy should have done, but hasn't. 

Trina Jameson asks Meg if she could have some time off to go and buy an engagement ring.  "We're getting married," she tells Meg. 

Sandy goes to the sitting room and Meg says she found a pile of accounts which he should have dealt with last week.  She says he was too busy thinking about London to bother about his own work.  "You've let us down," Meg says.  "Give them to me," says Sandy, and snatches the papers from his mother. 

Harry Turvey watches on whilst Doris Luke moves some heavy boxes at Cyril Watkin's shop.  "You needn't do that," he says.  "I've got better things to do then to stand around doing nothing," says Doris.  Harry Turvey says he should be in bed.  Ira Turvey hears them shouting and comes downstairs.

Sharon Metcalfe hasn't arrived for work so Victor Lee telephones her landlady to ask where she is.  The landlady tells Victor Lee that Sharon left for work at the same time as usual.

Sandy goes to the sitting room and gives Meg that finished accounts.  Meg apologises and says she said a lot of things she didn't mean.  Sandy says it proved that he isn't getting preferential treatment and it has made him feel a lot better.

Sharon Metcalfe comes into the garage in tears.  "What's all this then?" asks Victor Lee.  Sharon starts sobbing uncontrollably and hugs Victor.

*** End of Episode 3153 ***

When she has calmed down she tells Victor Lee that she was involved in an accident and the other driver, a girl, whose fault the accident was, went right through the windscreen.

The car involved in the accident arrives in the garage workshop and Sharon see's it.  Victor Lee tells Joe MacDonald not to mention the car and to keep it out of Sharon's way. 

Lloyd Munro phones David and invites David and Meg to dinner at the cottage.  David apologises and says he can't make it because he has a previous engagement.  Meg comes into the office and David tells her that Lloyd Munro has asked them both to dinner and he has accepted on her behalf.  "There's a lot of work to do," says Meg.  "I've done it.  Look," says David and puts the papers in front of Meg.  Meg doesn't look at them.  David tells Meg that he won't be going.  "Why not?" asks Meg.  "Because he's doing the cooking," says David and Meg laughs.  "No.  I have a previous engagement that will take me well into the night," he says.  Meg leaves the office and David picks up all the papers he told Meg that he had finished, and starts working on them.

David asks Chris where he will be going after he leaves the motel and Chris says he isn't sure.  David says he will no doubt be going to Geneva to say with Rosemary, but Chris says no.  He tells David that he and Diane are getting an annulment of their marriage so that means no money.  "I think I'll give Geneva a miss," says Chris. 

*** End of Episode 3154 ***

Meg and David are in the office when the phone rings.  David answers the call which is from Lloyd Munro.  "Look David, there's enough food.  Are you sure you won't join us," asks Lloyd.  "No, previous engagement.  It can't be broken," says David.  "Can I speak to Meg?" asks Lloyd.  "I'll give her that message.  Goodbye," says David and puts the phone down on a puzzled Lloyd.  "Sorry.  Did you want to speak to him?" David asks Meg.  "David, next time you say you've done the accounts don't let me find you with all the account books over the desk," says Meg.





1979 Episodes continued

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