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Chris Hunter tells Diane that his mother has had his legacy frozen.  Diane orders Chris out of the flat.  "I'm staying here, otherwise we've really blown it," says Chris.

Linda Welch goes back to the garage office and Colin Dutton gives her 300 and tells her to leave.  Linda throws the money back at him and runs out of the office, threatening to tell George Biggins.  She shuts her self in the garage washroom and picks up a cup to throw at Colin Dutton. 

Colin Dutton bursts into the room and grabs her arm.  He twists it behind her back and puts the other hand over her mouth.  He tells her that if she went to his father in law he wouldn't believe her because she is nothing but a tart.  Linda Welch struggles and turns on Colin Dutton, but he pushes her roughly to the ground.  Linda falls and hits her head against some machinery. 

Colin Dutton kneels beside her and lifts her head from the floor.  He lowers her head and then looks at his hand covered in blood.  Suddenly he hears whistling coming from the garage workshop.  "Goodnight Mr Dutton," shouts Benny.  Colin Dutton remains quiet.  Benny knocks on the office door.  "Goodnight Mr Dutton," Benny says again.  Still no answer, so Benny goes into the office which he finds empty.  He opens the door to the washroom and see's Linda Welch lying on the floor staring blankly up at the ceiling.  Benny walks towards her and laughs.  "Come on Linda.  What are you playing at," he says. 

Benny kneels beside the body and lifts Linda's head.  "Benny," says Colin Dutton from the doorway.  Benny looks behind him.  "What have you done?" asks Colin Dutton.  "It isn't me Mr Dutton.  There's something wrong," says Benny.  Benny says they had better call the doctor, but Dutton says that will do no good because Linda is dead.  "I'm going to call the police," says Colin Dutton.  "Police?  Why?" asks Benny.  "Because you've killed her, you maniac," says Colin Dutton. "Me?" asks Benny.  "Look at your hands," Colin Dutton tells him.  Benny looks down at his bloodstained hands.

Episodes 3142 and 3143 May 1979

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Colin Dutton asks Benny to explain exactly what happened.  Benny says he came back for his jacket because he knew Mr Dutton would be working late.  "What gave you that idea?  I only came back because I left my briefcase here," says Colin Dutton.  "I ought to call the police," he adds.

Benny says they would never believe him after last time.  "Have you been in trouble before?" asks Colin Dutton.  Benny says it was a long time ago.  Colin Dutton picks up the phone.  "You know for one moment I nearly believed you," he says but before he can dial the number Benny runs out of the garage.  Colin Dutton finds Benny's hat and places it next to Linda Welch's body, then phones the police.

Doris Luke arrives for work at the motel and asks Sandy if he knows where Benny might be because he didn't go home last night. 

Meg and David have coffee in the sitting room and David asks her if she has seen Chris.  "Perhaps he hasn't come in yet," says Meg.  "Come in?" asks David.  "Yes, he moved out of his chalet yesterday," Meg tells him.  "What's he up to," says David. 

Doris Luke asks Cyril Watkins if he has seen Benny abround the village.

Sharon Metcalfe joins Joe MacDonald in the staff room and tells him that the garage is full of police, and she can't get near her desk.  Colin Dutton comes into the staff room and they ask him what is going on.  Colin Dutton tells them that there has been a murder.  "Murder!  Who?" asks Sharon.  "That girl from the farm.  What's her name," says Colin.  "Linda Welch," says Sharon.  "Yeah.  Fractured skull," says Colin Dutton.  "Oh no.  Do they know who did it?" asks Joe.  "Oh yes, they know who did it.  It was Benny," Colin Dutton tells them. 

*** End of Episode 3142 ***

Joe MacDonald says he doesn't believe it.  "He killed that girl.  I practically saw him do it," Colin Dutton tells them.

Chris and Diane Hunter have breakfast at Diane's flat and Diane asks when they can get a divorce.  Chris says he has sent the marriage certificate to the lawyers but they are slow.  At that moment the phone rings and Chris answers it.  Benny, calling from a phone box, tries to put some money in but can't.  Chris puts the phone down.  "Well whoever it was couldn't get the money in.  They'll call back," Chris tells Diane.

Sandy tells Meg that he has decided to take Joe Shaw up on his offer of a partnership.

The police question Colin Dutton and Sharon Metcalfe about Benny.  

Inspector Lindsay, who is leading the investigation into Linda Welch's death, asks Meg and Sandy if they know where Benny would go.  Meg tells him that Diane Hunter is a good friend of Benny's and she might try to contact her.

Rosemary Hunter tells David that members of the motel staff heard why Chris was marrying Diane and she will get statements from them.

Sandy tells Meg that he will stay on at the motel until this murder business is sorted out.

Sharon Metcalfe joins Diane Hunter in the staff room and says she is glad to escape from the police.  Diane asks her what all the fuss is about and Sharon tells her that Linda Welch was murdered last night.  "They think Benny did it.  He's gone missing," Sharon tells Diane.  Diane says she doesn't believe it, but Sharon tells her that she walked in on an argument between Linda Welch and Benny and she had to stop Benny from hitting Linda. 

*** End of Episode 3143 ***

Episodes 3144 to 3147 May 1979

See Archive Volume 20

Chris Hunter goes to Diane's flat with a box of chocolates.  Diane tells him that she can't wait two years and she wants a divorce now.  There is a knock on the door and Chris opens it.  Rosemary Hunter walks in.  "Good.  I was hoping I'd find you two together," she says.  She tells them that she isn't bluffing when she says she will take the matter to court.

The next day Chris see's David in the sitting room and asks him if he can recommend a good lawyer.  David suggests his own lawyer and gives Chris the number.  Chris asks David if he could talk to Rosemary but David says he is not taking his side or Rosemary's.  Rosemary comes into the sitting room and says Chris wastes no time in trying to win David over to his side.  "Your father has no option but to back me up," Rosemary tells Chris.

Joe Shaw phones Meg and accuses her of using emotional blackmail to keep Sandy at the motel.  Meg shouts at him down the phone and says she had nothing to do with Sandy's decision.

Cyril Watkins and Harry and Ira Turvey move some heavy boxes into the village shop.  Harry Turvey bends down to move the box, then cries out in pain, clutching his back.

*** End of Episode 3145 ***

Rosemary Hunter joins David and Sandy in the office and shows David some papers with her account of what Chris said in her presence about marrying Diane.  She says she will need a statement from Sandy, but Sandy says he hasn't got much to say on the subject and leaves the office.  David tells Rosemary that he isn't going to make a statement.  Rosemary angrily snatches the papers out of David's hands and leaves the office.





1979 Episodes continued

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