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Joe MacDonald tells Benny that if he is going to teach him about cars he had better teach him to drive first.
Victor Lee accompanies Adrienne Palmer to her house where she is going to try and sort out her business problems.  On his return Sharon Metcalfe asks Victor how the weekend went and he says it was good to see Adrienne's children again.
Benny asks Victor Lee if he could borrow one of the company cars because Joe is going to teach him how to drive.  Victor tells him it's against company rules.  "Anyway it's not a good idea," he says.  "Why not?" asks Benny.  "Go up to spaghetti junction and take a look," Victor Lee tells him.
Helen Booth goes to the doctor's surgery to see Doctor Butterworth, and he examines her.  He tells her that her blood pressure is not normal and he asks her if she has been taking any other medication other than that which he prescribed.  "No," replies Helen Booth.  "The pill?  Did you take the pill?" asks the doctor.  "Yes.  I wouldn't miss that," says Helen.  Doctor Butterworth advises her to stay off the pill for a few months and Helen Booth is horrified.  She says Bernard is obsessed with becoming a father and she asks the doctor if he would talk to Bernard. 
*** End of Episode 3059 *** 
Bernard Booth arrives at the surgery and Doctor Butterworth assures him that everything is alright.  he says Helen is probably feeling ill as a result of taking the pill.  "That's why you've taken her off it?" asks Bernard Booth.  Doctor Butterworth tells him that Helen is a little worried about getting pregnant and asks Bernard not to rush into things.  "Thank you for your concern," says Mr Booth and leaves.
Bernard Booth returns to the chalet and tells Helen that she shouldn't have bought Doctor Butterworth into their personal affairs.  "Trust me," he says, and tries to kiss Helen but she runs out of the chalet.
Meg recieves a phone call from Jill in Germany.  When she puts the phone down David notices her worried expression.  "I was going to say it would be a nice family Christmas.  Jill's coming home for Christmas without Stan and the children," she tells David.  
Sharon Metcalfe finds Victor Lee strangely subdued and asks him what's bothering him, but gets no answer.  "You were in early this morning.  probably because you didn't have so far to come," says Sharon.  Still no answer.  "Are you going to come clean?  You did spend the night in Adrienne's chalet," says Sharon.
Bernard Booth goes to see Meg Mortimer in the sitting room and asks her advice on a personal matter.  He tells her that Helen refuses to have children and asks Meg if she would talk to her.  Meg tells him that interference from outsiders would only make matters worse.
Victor Lee tries to explain to Sharon but she says there is no need to explain.
Meg goes to see Helen Booth in her chalet and brings the subject around to children.  Helen says Bernard has an obsession about children but she thinks having a family is a drag.  Meg says she had had some trouble with Jill and Sandy but she would go through it all again.  "He sent you!  Bernard sent you to give me a big lecture!" shouts Helen Booth.  "No.  He asked me but ..." says Meg.  "It's despicable!" shouts Helen.  "I don't know why you can't leave me alone!" she shouts and rushes into the bathroom, locking the door.
*** End of Episode 3060 ***
David Hunter and Tish Hope sort through the morning post in reception and David comes across a letter addressed to Deborah Delaney.  "That's Deborah Crisp.  Delaney is her maiden name," Tish tells him.  David goes off to find Meg.
David finds Meg in the sitting room and tells her about the letter.  Adam Chance comes into the room and says he thinks he has found Hugh Mortimer's mysterious D.D.  "I know," says Meg.  "What?" asks Adam Chance.  "David's told me.  Deborah Delaney, or Deborah Crisp," says Meg.  Adam Chance looks at David.  "Oh and how did you know that?" he asks. 
Sharon Metcalfe goes to see Adrienne Paler's chalet and she says Victor should move into the motel permanently then he wouldn't have to go far to work.  "Like the night he stayed here," says Sharon.  "Oh you've been talking," says Adrienne.  "It hasn't really made a lot of difference to Vic and I," says Sharon.
Once Sharon has left the chalet, Adrienne Palmer phones Victor Lee and asks him to come to her chalet.  Victor goes to the chalet and Adrienne tells him that he shouldn't have spoken about them to Sharon.  Victor says Sharon guessed about him staying the night.
Adam Chance has a drink with Deborah Crisp in reception and she says she would like his advice.  She tells him that she was a good friend of Hugh Mortimer's and he helped her when she was in difficulty.  "Well I'm in the same difficulties again," she says.  She asks Adam what Meg Mortimer is like and Adam says she is open and truthful.
Victor Lee goes back to the garage and tells Sharon that Adrienne was upset by some of the things that Sharon said.  "Which one is it to be.  Have you made up your mind Victor?" asks Sharon.
*** End of Episode 3061 ***
Deborah Crisp goes to the sitting room where she meets Meg.  Deborah explains that she knew Hugh Mortimer a long time ago and nineteen years ago they were lovers.  "When Hugh and I split up I found I was pregnant by Hugh.  He didn't know until three years ago.  her name is Wendy and she was eighteen recently," says Deborah Crisp.  She says Hugh gave her money for Wendy because he wanted to.  "He said he would provide for Wendy in his will," she says.  "He didn't," Meg tells her.  "I don't understand it, Mrs Mortimer," says Deborah Crisp.  "Neither do I Mrs Crisp," says Meg.
Joe MacDonald goes into the garage for work as usual and see's a rusty car parked in the middle of the workshop.  Benny tells him it's his, he bought it for 50.  Joe tells him that the best place for it is the scrap heap, but Benny says Joe can do it up for him.
Doris Luke takees a cup of tea to Helen Booth in her chalet.  Helen Booth tells Doris that Doctor Butterworth has taken her off the pill.  "Honestly, you should have seen Bernard's face when I told him.  That man is besotted with fatherhood," sobs Helen.  "It's not fair," she cries and Doris Luke tries to console her.  Bernard Booth comes into the chalet.  "Have you been upsetting my wife again?" he asks when he see's Helen crying.  "Get out!" he shouts and Doris leaves.
Bernard Booth tries to comfort his wife.  "I'm beginning to think there's some sort of conspiracy between you and Doctor Butterworth.  He wants me off the pill that's quite clear," shouts Helen Booth.  "You think I told the doctor to take you off the pill, is that it?  How could you say that.  Have I changed that much since we married?" asks Bernard Booth.  "Yes!" shouts Helen.  "What do you want me to do about it.  Divorce you!" shouts Mr Booth.  "Yes!  Divorce.  Our marriage is over!  Now perhaps we can both live happily ever after," shouts Helen.
*** End of Episode 3062 ***

1978 Episodes continued

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