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Doris Luke see's Benny in the staff room and finds him looking more cheerful.  Benny tells her about Joe MacDonald.
Adrienne Palmer goes to the garage looking for Victor Lee but Sharon tells him that he is out on business.  Adrienne Palmer suggests the three of them have dinner together. 
Joe MacDonald looks in the local newspaper for somewhere to live.  Benny tells him that he stays in a boarding house and Joe seems very interested. 
Doris Luke goes to the garage to see Benny.  Benny tells her that now she is here she can meet Joe MacDonald.  He tells Doris that Joe is looking for somewhere to live and he was hoping that Miss Luke could put in a good word for Joe at the boarding house where they live.  Joe MacDonald comes out of the garage office.  "Here he is now Miss Luke," says Benny, as he see's Joe coming towards them.  "Miss Luke.  This is Mac," says Benny.  Doris Luke turns around and meets Joe MacDonald for the first time.
Sharon Metcalfe and Adrienne Palmer wait in reception for Victor Lee to arrive for dinner.  Adrienne tells Sharon that Victor speaks very highly of her and says they must have a good relationship.  Victor comes in at that moment and apologises for being late.  Sharon kisses him on the cheek whilst Adrienne Palmer looks on.
*** End of Episode 3055 ***
Jane Smith and Doris Luke join Helen Booth in the staff room.  Jane starts talking about children and says she can't wait to have children of her own.  Helen Booth gets up from her chair and walks out. 
Later, Helen Booth phones the staff room and asks Doris Luke to come to her chalet.  Doris Luke arrives at the chalet and Helen Booth lets her in.  "You had the nerve to bring in reinforcements," shouts Helen Booth.  "I don't know what you're talking about," says Doris Luke.  "Jane, and all that talk about babies.  You had no right to tell her," says Helen Booth. 
Doris says she hasn't told anyone and anyway she isn't the type to go telling everyone about someone's personal affairs.  She goes to the door and is about to leave when Bernard Booth arrives.  "Miss Luke.  What are you doing here?" he asks.  "Nothing Mr Booth.  Nothing that need concern you," Doris Luke tells him, and leaves.  Bernard Booth asks his wife if Doris Luke has been upsetting her.
Meg tells David that Adam Chance is looking for somewhere to live whilst he is in the area, and David suggests Jill and Stan's house Chimney's.  "David.  That's a brainwave," says Meg.
David talks to his son Chris on the phone and Chris tells him that he is leaving Guernsey soon.
Doris Luke tells Joe MacDonald that she has had a word with the landlady of the boarding house where she and Benny live and she will see him tomorrow.
Deborah Crisp books into the motel and as she leaves reception with her suitcases, she bumps into Adam Chance.  He apologises and offers to help her with her cases but she politely refuses.
*** End of Episode 3056 ***
Episodes 3057 to 3063 December 1978
See Archive DVD Volume 14
Bernard Booth tells Shughie McFee that Doris Luke is upsetting his wife and he will have to talk to the management.  Bernard Booth see's Meg in the office and tells her that he thinks Doris Luke should be dismissed.  "On what grounds?" asks Meg.  "She constantly argues with me in front of the staff," says Bernard Booth.  "Well we can't have that.  I'll have a word with her," Meg tells him.
Adam Chance joins Deborah Crisp in reception and sits with her.
Bernard Booth goes to his chalet and tells Helen that he will take her for a drive, but Helen says she doesn't really feel like it.  Bernard insists and pulls her off the bed.  He turns to get something from the dressing table and Helen collapses on the bed.  Bernard phones reception.
Jane Smith receives a phone call at reception from someone asking for Deborah Delaney.  Jane looks in the register.  "I'm afraid we haven't got a Deborah Delaney staying here," she says.  "Excuse me.  That calls for me," says Deborah Crisp who is sitting in reception with Adam Chance.  Deborah Crisp excuses herself from Adam, who scibbles the initials D.D. on his newspaper.
*** End of Episode 3057 ***
Doctor Butterworth arrives at the Booth's chalet and examines Helen Booth.
Benny tells Joe MacDonald that he wants to be a mechanic.  Joe tells Benny that since he was a great help to him when he first started working at the garage he will teach him about cars in his spare time.
Doctor Butterworth tells Helen to have a complete rest for a few days. 
Benny tells Doris Luke that Joe is going to teach him to be a mechanic.  Doris is very pleased for him but tells him not to neglect his work.
Deborah Crisp comes into reception and notices some leaflets on the desk advertising a jazz concert in Birmingham.  "Are you a jazz fan?" asks David Hunter.  "Yes I am," says Deborah Crisp.  Adam Chance comes into reception and walks towards the reception desk.  "Will you be going?" asks David.  "Not on my own," says Deborah Crisp.  "I couldn't help overhearing," Adam Chance says to Deborah Crisp.  He recommends the concert and says there is no need to go alone.  They walk away from the reception desk together.  "Tell Mrs Mortimer I couldn't make our appointment as planned," Adam tells David.  "Any other message?" asks David.  "Only tell her it's important," adds Adam. 
*** End of Episode 3058 *** 

1978 Episodes continued

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