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Benny tells Bernard Booth that now he has a new job he won't be seeing so much of him.  "And if I hear you've been shouting at anyone I'll have something to say, especially if it's Miss Luke," Benny tells Mr Booth.  "Oh, I didn't know you and Miss Luke were such good friends," says Mr Booth.  "We're not.  We just live together," says Benny. 

*** End of Episode 3049 ***

Mr Booth tells Doris Luke that after she went to see his wife yesterday Helen was in tears.  "Your company is obviously upsetting Helen so would you please stay away from her," says Mr Booth.  Bernard Booth tells Helen that he has warned Doris Luke to stay away from her.  Helen Booth is appalled and says he shouldn't have done that, and she likes Miss Luke. 

Meg shows David details of Hugh Mortimer's company Mortimer Investments.  "I have to remind you David that Mortimer Investments owns half the motel," says Meg.  "And you own all of Mortimer Investments," David reminds her.

Victor Lee interviews applicants for a mechanics job in the garage.  Benny goes into the garage office and asks if he can be taken on as a mechanic.  "We'll talk about it okay," says Victor Lee.  Benny leaves the office happy.  Victor Lee tells Sharon that he employed Benny to clean the garage and not as a mechanic.  Later, Victor Lee finds Benny and tells him that he will have to forget about learning to be a mechanic.

Meg receives a letter from Hugh Mortimer's executor, Adam Chance.  She quotes the letter to David and says it mentions substantial liabilities.  She says she is scared.

*** End of Episode 3051 ***

Victor Lee receives a phone call from Joe MacDonald, an applicant for the mechanics job, and Victor asks him if he would come and see him.  "Half an hour do you?" asks Joe MacDonald.  Half an hour later Joe MacDonald arrives at the garage.  He see's Benny polishing a car and asks him where the manager of the garage is.  At that moment Victor Lee comes out from the office and Joe MacDonald tells him that he has come about the mechanic's job.  Victor Lee takes him into the office. 

*** End of Episode 3052 ***

Jane Smith takes Sharon Metcalfe her coffee.  Jane tells her that she feels sorry for people who have to do a lot of paper work.  Jane tells Sharon that Adrienne Palmer is supposed to be on holiday but when she went to clean her chalet she was snowed under with paper work.  She says Mrs Palmer was on the phone and sounded harrassed.

Adam Chance books into the motel.

Sharon Metcalfe goes to Adrienne Palmer's chalet and see's all the paper work belonging to Mrs Palmer's husbands business.  She offers to help Adrienne Palmer with the paper work.

Adam Chance goes to the motel sitting room where he meets Meg, who then introduces him to David Hunter.  Meg asks Adam Chance to sit down but Adam remains standing and looks purposely at David.  He says the matters do not concern Mr Hunter.  "David is not only my partner, but also an old and valued friend," says Meg.  "I'll go Meg.  I've got a lot of work to do.  I'll be in the office if I'm wanted," says David.  "There are certain things all three of us will have to discuss if you have the time," says Adam Chance.  "I'll make time," says David and leaves the room with a glance at Meg.

Sharon Metcalfe returns to the garage after lunch and tells Victor Lee that she spent her lunch time helping Adrienne Palmer sort out her paper work.

Adam Chance tells Meg that whilst Hugh was in Australia he made a new will and made him executor.  Adam tells Meg that Hugh had been writing cheques to someone with the initials D.D. for the last three years, and he asks Meg if the initials mean anything to her.  Meg says no and asks how much these cheques for for.  Adam Chance tells her the cheques were 400 a month.

*** End of Episode 3053 ***

Helen Booth tells Doris Luke that she doesn't want children but Bernard does.  Doris says she thinks it's wrong.  "I was never attractive to men but I do regret not having a child of my own.  And now you tell me that you can have children but don't want any!" says Doris, angrily.  "It's none of your business and we won't discuss it anymore," says Helen Booth.

Victor Lee goes to Adrienne Palmer's chalet.

Joe MacDonald is taken on as a mechanic at the garage and arrives for his first day.  Victor Lee gives Joe MacDonald or 'Mac' as he says he likes to be called, an old car to work on.  Benny asks if he can help Joe but Victor tells him to do what he is employed to do.  Victor Lee goes back into the garage office leaving Benny unhappy.  Joe MacDonald tells Benny that as he is new he doesn't know where things are kept, so he asks Benny if he could help him by showing him where things are kept.  Benny smiles.

David Hunter joins Meg and Adam Chance in the office and Adam Chance tells them that the liabilities add up to half a million pounds.  He tells Meg that she has many assets including half the motel but even so the liabilities will be something between 50 to 100,000 pounds.  "It's like I said David.  I'm going to have to sell those shares," says Meg. 

*** End of Episode 3054 ***






1978 Episodes continued

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