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Terry Lawton mixes with the guests for the motel dinner and dance and boasts loudly to his girlfriend and other guests.  David Hunter walks past the group dressed in evening jacket and bow toe.  "Another one of these sunshine," says Terry holding out his empty glass to David.  David stops and turns around.  "I'll send someone over to you," says David.  "Oh I thought you were the waiter," says Terry Lawton.  "No.  I happen to be the manager," says David.  "Terry Lawton," says Terry holding out his hand to David.  "You must know my sister," adds Terry.  David looks at Terry's girlfriend.  "Oh no, not her.  Diane," says Terry.  "Diane?" asks David.  "Diane Parker.  She's my sister," says Terry.
Doctor Butterworth goes to Irene Bailey's chalet but she orders him out.  Doctor Butterworth says he would like to help her.  Irene Bailey bursts into tears and tells the doctor that her husband is twelve years younger than her and is having an affair with another woman. 
Meg and David join Helen Booth at the reception desk and Meg warns Helen that some of the men who have had too much to drink might start causing trouble.  Meg points out Terry Lawton to David.  "I'm sure I've seen that man before.  Wasn't he one of those louts hanging about when your car was stolen,"says Meg.
George Biggins arrives back at Heywood Farm and challenges Benny to an arm wrestling contest. 
Doris Luke tells Linda Welch that she might be able to fool Ed Lawton but she certainly doesn't fool her.
Steve Cater arrives at the motel and chats to Helen Booth.  Bernard Booth see's them talking.  David Hunter comes into reception and asks P.C Cater if he has any news about his car.  P.C. Cater tells David that he would like to talk to him and they go through to the private wing.  
Bernard Booth joins his wife Helen at the reception desk.  "It's all starting again," says Bernard Booth.  "What?" asks Helen.  "The forst man you set your eyes on," says Bernard Booth loudly.  "Bernard.  People are looking at us," says Helen.  "You say you love me but the first good looking young man that comes along and it starts over again," he says.  "Bernard.  We'll talk about it later," says Helen.
Ed Lawton tells Benny that George Biggins might be staying on at the farm permanently.  He says that George has got some money that he can put into the farm.  "What do you say?" asks Ed.  "You're the boss.  It's up to you," says Benny.  "We'll make a real go of it, the three of us," says Ed Lawton.  "Yeah, the three of us," says Benny.
*** End of Episode 3010 ***
Diane Parker asks Terry if he has seen the bottle of perfume that Vera sent her because she can't find it anywhere.  Terry tells her that he hasn't seen it.  Jane Smith looks at Terry.  When Diane has left the room Jane tells Terry that she wants to know what he has done with Diane's perfume.  Terry says it was his girlfriends 18th birthday last week and he wanted to give her something special but he didn't have the time, so he borrowed Diane's perfume.  Jane tells him that he will have to buy Diane a replacement and Terry asks Jane not to tell Diane.  He promises he will buy Diane another bottle of perfume. 
Linda Welch shows Benny a poster advertising the forthcoming village fete and she tells him that there is a wrestling contest.  "Now's your chance to see which of you is the strongest," she says.
Meg and David sort through the morning post and Meg gives David his pile of letters.  David sifts through them and pulls out one letter.  "This is for Helen Booth," he says.  Meg picks it up and looks at the envelope.  "It must be another house brochure," she says.  David suddenly remembers something and tells Meg that when Helen Booth first came to the motel he thought something didn't quite add up.  "Her driving licence," says David. 
Meg asks what that has to do with anything and David says that Bernard Booth said his wife had been working in Tangiers for three years, hence the three year gap in Henel Booth's references.  She says Helen Booth told him that she had been in Tangiers for two years.  "So if she took her driving test two years ago that doesn't qualify her to drive in England," says David.  "One of them is lying," says David.
In the Motel kitchen Shughie McFee asks Bernard Booth where he met his wife and Booth tells him that they met in Tangiers.  "Where was she working?" asks Shughie.  "It's not important," says Bernard.  "Oh come on," says Shughie.  "Look, stop asking questions and mind your own business," says Mr Booth. 
Jane Smith asks Diane if she feels any love for Terry at all.  "Not a bit," says Diane.  "Well, I might be wrong," says Jane.  "If you're wrong you'll be forgiven," says Diane.  "Well.  I daren't look in that box," says Jane, looking at the box where they keep the housekeeping money.  Diane opens the box and it's empty.  "No need for forgiveness Jane.  You wait till I get my hands on him," says Diane.
*** End of Episode 3011 ***
Episodes 3012 to 3015 September 1978
See Archive Dvd Volume 11
Diane asks Jane how she guessed that Terry had pinched her perfume and Jane tells her that Terry came into the motel with his girlfriend and she reeked of perfume. 
Helen Booth is on reception duty and receives a phone call from Irene Bailey, who asks her to call Doctor Butterworth and tell him to come and see her right away. 
Diane warns Jane not to stick up for Terry.  There is a knock at the door and Diane shouts come in.  P.C Steve Cater comes into the flat and hands Diane a parcel, telling her that he found it stuck through her letter box.  Diane takes off the note attached to the parcel and reads it.  "I tried to get another bottle of perfume but they wanted 25 quid for it.  So I hope the enclosed is appreciated.  Terry."  She takes out a bar of soap and sniffs it.  "Essence of carbolic," she says.  "Hang on, there's a PS," she says and reads the note.  "By the way, there's a car parked in a back alley that bares a remarkable resemblance to that one belonging to your Mr Hunter.  Might be worth a look."  "Well what do you think about that," says Diane.  "Like the man says, it might be worth a look," says P.C Cater.
Later P.C Cater returns to Diane and Jane's flat and tells them that the car that Terry Lawton mentioned in his note does belong to David Hunter.  "I wonder how he knew where it was," wonders P.C Cater.  "Probably because he put it there," says Diane.  Diane asks Steve Cater if the car was damaged.  "No it's alright except for a strong smell of perfume and two take-away curries on the back seat," Steve Cater tells her.  "Poor Mr Hunter.  Poor love will never live it down," says Diane.  "You could always offer to wash it out with carbolic soap," laughs Steve Cater.

1978 Episodes continued

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