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Pat Grogan tells Benny that he is working part time at the Crossroads Motel and could only help Benny out on the farm at weekends.  Pat says he knows someone who can help him, Seamus Flynn.
Diane Parker tells David Hunter and Sandy that Fairlawns Hotel have adopted the new pension scheme and it leaves you with more money at the end of the week.  Sandy says Fairlawns can afford it because they are part of a group of hotels.
Benny tells Doris Luke that Pat Grogan will be staying at the farm some days and Seamus Flynn is also coming to help out.  Doris Luke warns Benny that he will regret having gypsies staying at the farm.  "I wouldn't trust him further than I could throw him," says Doris.  "You don't even know him," says Benny.  "I don't have to.  I'm telling you, you'll regret it," warns Doris Luke.
Jane Smith tells Diane that she is worried about Pat Grogan because he hasn't turned up for work at the motel.  "You know, I think you're falling for him," Diane teases her.  Jane says her and Pat are just good friends.
Tom Read visits Heywood Farm and Doris Luke tells him that Benny is letting two gypsies stay at the farm and she thinks they will cause trouble. 
Jim Baines receives a letter from someone asking for money to help him and his children.  He shows it to Victor Lee and says it seems genuine.  Jim asks Victor Lee what he will be doing about Sharon when he moves on, and Victor tells him that's none of his business.  "Don't push your luck with me sunshine," says Jim.  "You want to put that to the test," says Victor Lee.  "If there's any trouble and Sharon comes crying on my shoulder there'll be trouble," says Jim.  "You don't have to worry about Sharon.  She's not a kid," says Victor.
Jane Smith tells Archie Gibbs that she is worried about Pat Grogan because he hasn't been at work for two days.  Archie says Pat is a travelling man and he has probably moved on.  "Like all the others," says Archie.  "How can you make snap judgements.  Pat's not like the rest of them," says Jane. 
Alan Brisley has coffee with Jim Baines in his chalet and Jim thanks him for all his help.  He says he would like to do something for him in return.  "It's too late now," says Jim.  "It's not.  It can still be fixed," says Alan Brisley.  "Why not," shrugs Jim.  Alan Brisley puts a phone call through to Liverpool to arrange publicity.  Jim asks Sharon Metcalfe if she would come with him for the publicity but Sharon tells him he should take Muriel. 
Glenda Brownlow tells Tish Hope that she has a chance of another job.  "Fairlawns is it?" asks Tish.  "Well yes," says Glenda. 
Pat Grogan goes to see Jane at her flat.  She asks him where he has been.  "You've let everyone down, including me.  How can you just breeze in here as cool as a cucumber and..." says Jane, and Pat kisses her.  Pat tells her that he has been helping Benny out at Heywood Farm.
Sandy gives Glenda Brownlow a cup of tea and tells her that if she works for one of a group of hotels like Fairlawns she is just another person, but at Crossroads they are all a family. 
Jane Smith asks Pat what he meant by kissing her.  Diane Parker arrives at the flat and asks Pat to leave.  Jane tells Diane that she thinks she is falling in love with Pat Grogan.  Diane asks her if Pat has said anything to her and Jane says she thinks he likes her in his own way. 
Jim Baines phones Mr Collins and tells him that he got his letter and has sent him a cheque in the post for what he wanted.  He asks Mr Collins not to says where he got the money from. 
Victor Lee receives a phone call from Dudley Scrivens and later tells Sharon Metcalfe that he is being moved to another job in Sunderland.
Pat Grogan arrives at the motel and apologises to Tish Hope for not turning up for work.
Doris Luke gives Benny a pile of letters and asks who does the book keeping.  Benny tells her that Ed Lawton usually does.
Glenda Brownlow phones Fairlawns Hotel and says she would like a job, but she is told that there are no jobs available.
Carney tells Diane that Pat Grogan is back.  Diane says she found Pat at the flat last night with Jane.
Tish Hope goes to Heywood Farm and tells Benny that the motel are expecting their delivery of vegetables and they can't afford to be let down.  Benny tells her that the delivery is ready but he hasn't got anyone to deliver it.
Jane Smith takes Pat Grogan his coffee in the staff room and she asks him why he kissed her.  Pat says he kissed her because he wanted to and because she is a good person.  "I kissed you but I bet you could kiss the living daylights out of me," says Pat.  Jane leans across and kisses him.  "Like that you mean," asks Jane.  "I'm speechless," says Pat.  "Oh you," laughs Jane and hugs him.  Carney comes into the staff room at that moment and see's them.  Jane hurries out, embarrassed.  Carney tells Pat that he has known Jane for a few years now and he is very fond of her.  "Although you may think she's alone, it doesn't mean there aren't people to stick up for her.  So if you do anything to upset her you'll be sorry," warns Carney. 

1978 Episodes continued

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