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David shows Meg some of Phoebe Thompkins work and says she is very efficient.  David warns her not to worry too much about appearances.

Meg asks Jackie Barrett for the hairdressing salon accounts and Jackie tells her that she has left them at her flat.  Jackie asks Diane of she would mind going to the flat to get them, and also pick up a special hair conditioner that she left behind at the flat. 

Chris Hunter apologises to David for the previous evening.  "Forget it.  I have," says David.  "Did Simone put you up to this?" asks David.  "Well, yes.  She did say I should apologise," says Chris.  "She's a nice girl.  I approve," says David.  Chris tells David that he wants to take a year off from his law studies to work on a project.

In her chalet Simone Clavell receives a phone call from Paris.  "Yes.  Put him through...Hello Jean Claude.  Yes, I'll speak to him.  Hello Pierre.  Look, what did you expect.  Do exactly as Jean Claude says.  No Chris is not here," says Simone and puts the phone down.

Jackie Barrett tells David that Diane has gone home to fetch the salon accounts.  "Oh no!" she exclaims.  "Something wrong?" asks David.  "Yes, excuse me," says Jackie and rushes out.

Diane Parker takes Meg some papers and Meg says she can't remember asking for them.  "Are you alright?" asks Diane.  "Yes," says Meg.  Diane says she has a good memory.  "It's exactly three years today that you had a date with Mr Mortimer in Birmingham Cathedral", says Diane.

Meg looks at the photos of her and Hugh's wedding.  She hears the door open and quickly hides the photo album under a pile of newspapers.  David comes in to the room and tells Meg that Chris wants to take a year off university to work on a project.  "I don't think it's a good idea in the middle of his studies," says David.  There is no reply from Meg.  "Meg," says David as he looks at Meg staring into space.  "Oh yes David.  I was listening," says Meg.  "Oooh you are a liar," says David, and digs out the photo album from among the pile of papers.  "I, like Diane, have a good memory.  Put on your party dress Cinderella.  I'm taking you out to dinner," says David.

Diane Parker goes to her flat which she shares with Jackie Barrett and searches through a suitcase belonging to Jackie for the conditioner which Jackie asked her for.  She picks up the scrapbook which Jackie said was for her niece, and opens it.  She flicks through the pages and see's page after page of cuttings about jewel theives.  At that moment Jackie Barrett rushes in and stops in the doorway.  "These cuttings.  They're all about you," says Diane.  "Well now you know.  What are you going to do about it?" asks Jackie.  Diane says now she knows why Jackie was so scared of Frank Tyler being a policeman.

Phoebe Thompkins gives David Hunter some letters to sign.  "I didn't dictate these," says David.  He tells her that he would like to deal with all his letters personally in future.  "That's a waste of time," says Phoebe Thompkins.  "You know I'm beginning to feel superfluous," says David.  "Oh no, not you," says Phoebe.  "You know you're quite extraordinary.  You've already proved to me that you've got a fantastic memory," David tells her.  "I can remember everything but the name of my ex-husband," laughs Phoebe.  "How can you forget the name of someone you've lived with for...how long?" asks David.  "A year.  Twenty years.  I don't know.  Anyway it was too long.  Now if I'd been married to you, it would have been till death us do part," says Phoebe.  "I've embarrassed you," she says.  "No. No, you haven't," says David and holds up the batch of letters.  "The post," he says.  "Oh yes," says Phoebe and, taking the letters from David, leaves the office. 

P.C. Frank Tyler arrives at Diane and Jackie's flat and gives Jackie a box of chocolates.  Diane notices the scrapbook on the coffee table.  "If I were you I wouldn't eat all those at once," she tells Jackie.  "I'd hide them," says Diane, drawing Jackie's attention to the scrapbook.  Jackie picks up the scrapbook and the chocolates and takes them to her room. 

Meg joins Chris and Simone in the sitting room and asks Chris if it is true that he is going to take some time off from university.  She says she doesn't really think it's a good idea, and Simone agrees with her.

Later, David joins Meg in the sitting room and Meg tells him that she has just been talking to Chris and Simone.  She says she mentioned Chris taking time off from university and she gets the impression that there is something wrong.

Frank Tyler has a drink with Jackie Barrett at the motel.  As they leave the motel he says he heard that his uniform was putting her off him.  He asks her to forget he is a policeman and kisses her. 

Simone Clavell tells Chris that she wants to go back to Paris.  "I'm not going back," says Chris firmly.  He says they could go to Ireland and settle down.  "If we don't go back to Paris, I won't go anywhere with you," Simone tells him.  "I shall find something to amuse myself, like an affair with David," says Simone.  "You'll get hurt," warns Chris.  "My father's not that easy," he says.  "He is falling in love with me, you know," says Simone.  "My father hasn't been in love once.  Women fall for him but he uses them," says Chris.  "That's a horrible thing to say.  Don't you care anymore?" asks Simone.  "I love you but I'm not going back to Paris.  If they want me they'll have to send someone to get me," says Chris.  "They have.  Me," says Simone.  "You little bitch," says Chris.

Simone tells Chris that she loves him and tells him that his only chance is to go along with the group and lead them to a boyfriend of Rosemary Hunters, a man named Ballini.  Simone tells Chris about the plan to kidnap Ballini.  "I don't want to be a part of all that.  I'm not going to Paris," Chris says firmly.  "We can go straight to Geneva," suggests Simone.  "And what if I don't?" asks Chris.  "You wouldn't be that stupid," says Simone.    










1978 Episodes continued

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