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Chris Hunter tells Diane that they could get a divorce on the grounds of adultery.  Diane says she needs the money more than ever now because if the police catch Benny he will need a good lawyer, and she wants him to have the best.

Inspector Lindsay asks Sharon Metcalfe about the relationship between Benny and Linda Welch.  "There wasn't a relationship.  He wanted nothing to do with her," Sharon tells him.  "Oh come on," says Colin Dutton who is also present in the garage office.  He says Benny must have done something to encourage Linda.  Inspector Lindsay says he believes Benny and Joe MacDonald lived in the same house and asks for Joe's address.

There is a knock at the door of Diane Hunter's flat.  Diane answers it and David Hunter walks in.  David tells Chris and Diane that he has come to warn them about Rosemary.  "You're in to a fight.  It's no bluff and it's going to be nasty," he says.  He says it will go to court if Chris doesn't drop his claim on his grandmother's estate, but Chris says he won't drop the claim.  Diane asks David if the case of fraud would include her and David tells her it might be seen as conspiracy.  When David gets up to leave Diane asks him to stay for dinner but David politely refuses.  "Thanks for coming, " says Diane.  "Well, we are family.  Not a very big one and not a very happy one.  Goodnight," says David, and leaves.  Diane tells Chris that he shouldn't be so cheeky to his father because he is trying to help.

Sandy receives a phone call from Joe Shaw who asks Sandy if he would apologise to Meg on his behalf because he shouted at her.  Sandy explains to Joe that he has to stay at the motel until this business with Benny is cleared up.

*** End of Episode 3146 ***

Inspector Lindsay shows Sharon and Joe a beer mat from a local pub and asks them if they know anything about it, and if it might belong to Benny.  Joe tells him that Benny doesn't drink.  The phone rings and Joe MacDonald answers it.  It is Benny who tells Joe where he is and asks him if he could bring him some clean clothes and some food. 

Sharon Metcalfe goes to Diane's flat and asks her why the divorce from Chris is so important.  Diane tells her that her and Chris could both be charged with fraud.  She tells Sharon that Chris keeps on saying that they don't get on like they used to.  "He doesn't realise that the only reason why I want a divorce is because I fancy him," says Diane. 

*** End of Episode 3147 ***

Rosemary Hunter goes to Diane's flat and tells her that she cares about two people in the world, Chris and David.  "You've got a funny way of showing it," says Diane.  Diane tells Rosemary that she doesn't love Chris, she owns him.  Rosemary says the court will accuse her of conspiracy to fraud.  "Sleep on that, if you can," says Rosemary and leaves.

Doris Luke tells Cyril Watkins that Harry Turvey should register with Doctor Butterworth.

Diane tells Chris that Rosemary came to see her at the flat.  Diane tells him that she won't lie for him in court.  She tells him that she is going to take some holidays and go and see Nicky in California.  Chris apologises for making a pass at her on their wedding night and promises it won't happen again.  "I respect you," he tells Diane. 

Victor Lee arrives at the garage and meets Sharon again, and also meets Colin Dutton.  "What's been going on?  What's this about murder in my garage?" he asks.  When Victor Lee hears the complete story he says he doesn't believe that Benny could have done it.  Colin Dutton says he saw Benny leaning over the body.  Victor Lee asks where Joe MacDonald is and Sharon tells him that he took some time off to see to some personal business. 

Rosemary Hunter catches Sharon Metcalfe alone and says she was a witness at Chris and Diane's wedding so she knows the reasons why they got married.  "Yes.  For love," answers Sharon.

Joe MacDonald goes to meet Benny in the woods and gives him some sandwiches.  Joe asks Benny to come back with him.  "No I can't," replies Benny.  "You've got to come back and give yourself up," says Joe. 

*** End of Episode 3148 ***

Rosemary Hunter joins David and Meg in the office and tells Meg that she has been asking the staff some questions.  Meg says this is really none of her business and leaves Rosemary and David to talk.  David asks Rosemary if it is too late for her to change her mind.  "You know what this is doing to us.  What we preserved in spite of our divorce," says David.  "It's no good David," says Rosemary, and leaves. 

Ira Turvey persuades Harry Turvey to go and see Doctor Butterworth.

Jill Harvey phones Meg from America and Meg tells her that Sandy is thinking of moving to London to work with Joe Shaw.  Later, Jill phones Sandy.  "Yes, I know Mum's upset but this offer is too good to miss," Sandy tells her.  "Anyway what's it got to do with you," he adds.  "Look, it's got nothing to do with you!  Hello, Jill...Jill!" shouts Sandy.  He slams the phone down.  "Telling me what I can or can't do.  Well, I'll tell you something. I've made up my mind once and for all," Sandy tells David.

Doris Luke offers to come to Cyril Watkins shop on her day off to help him while Ira and Harry Turvey go to the doctor. 

Joe MacDonald goes back to the garage and Colin Dutton tells him to get back to work.  Joe calls Benny and Benny comes in, dirty and unshaven. 

Inspector Lindsay shows Benny the beer mat and asks him if he took Linda to this pub.  Benny says he didn't take Linda to any pub.  Inspector Lindsays receives a phone call from his sergeant who tells him that they have got a description of the man seen with Linda Welch in the pub. 

After listening to his sergeant, Inspector Lindsay puts the phone down.  "We've got a description from the barman who saw the dead girl with a man who is in his middle 30s, well dressed and well spoken," he tells the garage staff.  He turns to Benny.  "That doesn't seem a lot like you does it lad," he says.  "Does it?" asks the Inspector, turning to Colin Dutton.  "That description could fit hundreds of people," says Colin Dutton.  "The barman said the man answered to the name of Colin.  Your name is Colin isn't it?" asks Inspector Lindsay.

Inspector Lindsay asks Colin Dutton to come to the police station with him for questioning.  "Oh no," says Dutton.  "Sergeant!" calls Inspector Lindsay, and a police officer comes into the garage office.  He takes Colin Dutton by the arm.  "Look just because I may have had a few drinks with her it doesn't mean I had anything to do with killing her," says Colin Dutton. 

*** End of Episode 3149 *** 

Diane Hunter goes to the sitting room and tells David that she will be taking her holdiays.  She apologises for causing trouble.  As she walks to the soor Rosemary Hunter comes into the room.  Rosemary says she heard Diane was going on holiday.  "Yes, but I'll be back," Diane tells her, and leaves.  David tells Rosemary that he has decided to see legal advice.  "Forgive.  Or I don't want to see you again," David tells her.  

Rosemary Hunter tries to explain to David and Meg that she is stopping Chris from making the biggest mistake of his young life.  David says it could mean Chris going to prison.  "It won't go that far.  He'll step down at the last moment," says Rosemary.













1979 Episodes continued

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