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In the early hours of the morning David returns from the gambling club and has a drink with Carney who is on night duty at reception.  David tells him that he won at blackjack and that it was so exciting.
The following morning George McClusky talks with David and David tells him that he won the previous night.  "Roulettes my game.  But I'm not hooked yet.  But blackjack's your game isn't it?" asks George.  "Oh I wouldn't say it was my game.  Not yet," says David. 
George McClusky asks Meg about Stan Harvey and tells her that he was thinking of doing business with him.  Meg says Stan is a very straightforward person.
Jane Smith gives Glenda Brownlow a few tips on waitressing.  Glenda goes to the office where David and Meg are working and begins to clear away David Hunter's coffee tray.  Glenda picks up the tray, then removes a small package from the tray.  "Oh you forgot your matches Mr Hunter," she says.  Meg takes the packet from her.  "That's smart," says Meg and examines the packet.  "Birmingham Casino," she reads.  David takes it from her.  "They must belong to Mr McClusky.  I'll give them to him.  Thank you for noticing Glenda," says David and quickly puts the matches in his pocket.
Benny visits Glenda on Vera's boat and she asks him how the job hunting is going.  Benny tells her that he isn't having much luck.  "From what Vera has told me, you were much happier on the farm," says Glenda.  She tells Benny that she ran away from home but decided to go back in the end.   
George and Slyvia McClusky go to Stan and Jill's house for dinner.  George tells Stan that he would like to buy into the second hand car business.  "Only one problem.  I haven't got a bean," says George.  "What?" asks Jill.  "I'm broke.  Flat broke," says George.  He tells them that his business went bankrupt and the only money they have is in Slyvia's name. 
Vicky Lambert returns from visiting her father in Stratford and asks Sandy for her bill.  Sandy tells her that he didn't have anything to do with the break-up of her parents marriage, but since he had a lot to do with her staying on at the motel for so long he will pay her bill. 
After the McClusky's have left Jill tells Stan that George McClusky seems like a suspicious character, and she cautions Stan not to go into business with him. 
George and Slyvia McClusky arrive back at the motel and collect their chalet key from Meg who is on duty at reception.  "You know George, I wish you hadn't got David into that club.  He was losing pretty heavily," says Sylvia.  "He said his luck would change," says George.  "David was gambling heavily?" asks Meg.  "Not heavily," George tells her.  "Well David said he was going to a club but he didn't say it was a gambling club," says Meg.
Late that evening David returns to the motel after visiting the gambling club, and finds Carney on night duty in reception.  David helps himself to a drink from the bar and Carney joins him.  Carney asks him if he is celebrating.  "No.  Brandy when I win, Scotch when I lose," David tells him.  He tells Carney that it feels good when you win but terrible when you lose.  "I didn't lose as much as I won.  Anyway I had another good run for my money, but that's another way of saying I lost...slowly," says David.
The following morning Meg joins Sandy in the office.  "You're late too," says Sandy.  "What?" asks Meg.  "David's late," Sandy tells her.  Meg tells him that David was out gambling last night.  "Yes, I know," says Sandy.  "Why didn't you tell me?" asks Meg.  "I didn't see any point.  I knew what you thought about gambling," says Sandy.  Seeing Meg's face, he adds.  "Mum.  It is David's life and if he wants to gamble he can."  

1977 Episodes continued

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