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Kelly arrives back at the motel after six months absence and goes to the sitting room hoping to find David.  Instead she finds Jane Smith. 
Lia Hua makes her way to the sitting room at the motel.  She takes the scalpal from her handbag and hides it behind her bag, which she clutches to her.  She bursts into the sitting room to find Kelly there.  "Why isn't he here?" she asks.  "Who?" asks Kelly.  "David Hunter," says Lia.  "What a coincidence.  I'm wanting for him too.  Sit down and we can keep each other company," says Kelly, and pours Lia some tea. 
Josie asks Diane if she noticed the resemblance between Tom Read and Benny.  She says she is sure Tom Read is Benny's father.
David finds John Farnham in the motel reception.  Sheila tells David that there is a lady waiting for him in the sitting room.  "I thought you'd like to know it's Miss Kelly," she tells him.  "Kelly!" says David and rushes off to the sitting room.
Benny gives Ed Lawton a bank account book with a thousand pounds in it to help keep Heywood Farm.
David rushes into the sitting room followed by John Farnham.  Lia takes the scalpal from behind her bag and holding it with both her hands she walks towards David.  She holds it at his throat.  "Lia, give me the scalpal.  Lia," says John Farnham.  Lia sobs and lets the scalpal fall to the floor.  She runs to John and he holds her.  "Come on, I'm taking you home," he says. 
Ed tells Benny that he will pay him back every penny he has loaned him, but Benny says he doesn't need money.  Ed says Josie Welch can stay on now that they don't have to sell the farm.
Jill tells Stan that she has found a couple to buy their flat.
Roy Mollison tells Sheila that someone has offered more for their share of the house so now they are back to square one.  "Well you can't win them all.  Some have got ot have the good luck and some the bad," says Sheila.  "That's the spirit," says Stan.
Kelly joins David in his office the following morning and asks him why he didn't tell her about Lia.  "It isn't something I like to brag about," says David.  "You did all you could to help," says Kelly.  "I didn't give her much of a choice in the first place by making her an orphan," says David.
John Farnham comes to see David and tells him that the episode last night shook Lia but now she realises she is ill and needs help.
Diane asks Ed Lawton to make Benny a partner in Heywood Farm since it's Benny's money that kept the farm going. 
John Farnham and Lia talk about the previous nights events.  "I actually wanted David to die," says Lia.  John asks her to listen to what he has to say, and he tries to explain things from David's point of view.  "He had no choice Lia.  Your parents were communists.  They fired so David had to return the fire," says John. 
Jim Baines tells Jane that Muriel won't be going into hospital but her and the children are going to Weston for a couple of weeks.  He says it will cost him a fortune. 
*** End of Episode 2526 ***

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