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Carney tells Mrs Witton and Shughie that Lord Lanchester is his old boss, and he will be helping him out for a while.
At Vera's boat, Carole Hewson and Simon Wittaker are getting along very well.  Vera arrives and Simon leaves.  Vera tells Carole about what happened to Paula Randall, and says it turned out that Paula only wanted to scare Alma.  "It was a terrible thing for Simon to see at his age," says Vera.  "He's quite a bit older than his years.  He's very nice," says Carole. 
Alma Furness tells Vera that it isn't the first time that Paula has tried to kill herself.  She tells Vera about another time when she thought Paula was dead.  "We were on the beach swimming and Paula went missing.  I was frantic because I thought She'd drowned or something.  Anyway, I looked all over for her, and found her at the edge of the sea.  I thought she was dead so I gave her artificial respiration.  And she looked straight up and smiled.  It was all a mean trick," says Alma.  "So you see.  I can't leave her.  I'm responsible for her," she adds.  "But you're not," says Vera.  "I will be now Vera, without Doug," says Alma.
Simon Wittaker asks Carole Hewson out to dinner.  At first she declines but then has a change of heart and accepts his invitation.
Meg telephones her travel agent brother Andy and tells him that she is worried about Sandy because she hasn't had a postcard from him for a few days. 
Vera tells Meg that Paula Randall faked the suicide attempt and she expected her sister, Alma, to be there to help her.  Vera says Alma is about to get married and it's probably the first and only proposal she'll ever get.  "Can I make Alma give up her only chance of happiness to look after her hysterical sister?" asks Vera. 
Mr Booth tells Shughie that Tina Webb needs the company of a girl about her own age to keep her in order.  Shughie suggests Jane Smith.
Mr Walton asks Stan to repair a car as the owner was promised it by ten o'clock.  Jim Baines steps in and says they are working to rule so the car can wait.  David Hunter comes into the garage.  "What the hells going on.  There's a man outside waiting for his car which he was promised by ten," he says.  Jim Baines tells him that they are not doing the repair. 
Paula Randall pays her bill and tells Vera that Alma is going to look after her.  "At least it's an excuse to make her give up that fat pig she wants to marry," says Paula.  Vera tells Paula that she has written to Doug and she is breaking off her relationship with him.  Paula goes out laughing.  Alma Furness see's Vera before she leaves the motel.  She says she almost broke off her engagement, but she is glad she didn't.
Meg, David and Stan discuss the situation in the garage, and David says he doesn't think they can keep the garage going.  David suggests they they leave Baines out on his own but Stan says he couldn't do that because basically he agress with Jim.
Lord Lanchester and Carney have dinner together before Lord Lanchester leaves the motel.  Lanchester tells Carney that he can't remember why he sacked him and Carney tells him it was because of a suit which he borrowed.  "Stole," says Lanchester.  He tells Carney that he is willing to take him back into his employment but Carney tells him that he is employed by the motel.  "Stand up man!" shouts Lord Lanchester, and Carney does as he is told. "Yes I thought so.  How dare you sit down to dinner with me wearing my suit," he shouts, and grabs Carney by the scruff of the neck.  At that moment David Hunter walks by.  "What's going on?  Lord Lanchester," says David.  "You keep out of this young fellow.  Take those trousers off Carne" shouts Lanchester.  "You'll do nothing of the sort," says David. 
Meg goes to the garage to collect her car from repair, but Jim Baines tells her that it isn't ready yet.  "No special favours for the management you know," he says as Meg walks out.  "Try again tomorrow ducks," laughs Jim Baines. 

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