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Benny hurriedly moves something into the barn.

In the farm kitchen Diane finds the smashed ornament, and shouts out to Benny.  Benny tells her that John Sackville threw it at him.  "I didn't do nothing.  I made a promise to you that I wouldn't lay a finger on him, and I kept my promise," says Benny.  "I suppose I was right to make you promise but at the moment I could stand by and watch you throttle him," says Diane.

Ed Lawton rushes into the farm kitchen and tells them that there has been a car accident down the road.  "One of the cattle grids was completely torn up from the road.  Come on Benny, we may be able to get him out," says Ed, running outside.  "Who is it?" asks Diane, following her uncle.  "John Sackville," answers Ed.  Benny stands still in the kitchen.  "Serves him right," says Benny quietly.

Meg and Hugh are interviewing applicants for the job of secretary to replace Faye. 

A pretty young girl comes into reception and tells Witton that her name is Tina Webb and she is here for the interview for the secretary's job. 

Diane takes Benny into the farm kitchen and tells him to sit down.  "Right come on.  Let's have it," she says.  "What do you mean?" asks Benny.  "You know what I mean.  Why did you do such a stupid and vicious thing.  Why did you take that cattle grid out of the road" says Diane, angrily.  "I never laid a finger on him," says Benny.  "Benny, you are stupid.  You really will be in trouble now," says Diane.  "But how can I be in trouble.  I never touched him," says Benny.  "It doesn't matter.  You caused the accident," says Diane.  "I just saw his car in the yard and I just wanted to smash it," says Benny and thumps his fist on the table. 

Ed Lawton comes into the kitchen.  "I've just been into the barn.  Did you put it there?" he asks Benny, and Benny nods.  "Right.  It's out of my hands now.  This is a matter for the authorities.  I'm going down to have a word with the constable.  Tell him I've found what they're looking for," says Ed.

Hugh interviews Tina Webb and says they were looking for someone a little older.

Paula Randall goes to Vera's boat, and tells Vera that she was curious to see what Vera was like.  "I suppose I was hoping you'd be some cheap little scrubber.  But you're not like that at all, are you," says Paula Randall.  "You'd make a much better wife than I ever did," she says, and begins crying.

Diane tells Benny that the police won't let him stay at the farm.  There is a knock at the farm's kitchen door.  "You tell them Benny's a good boy," says Benny, pressing himself against the door.  "No!  No! I don't want to go away.  You tell them Benny do love you," shouts Benny in desperation.


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