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Kelly goes into the kitchen to get some staff to pose for photos.  Reg Hayles looks through his camera viewfinder whilst Kelly tells Jane Smith to stand at reception and pick up the phone.  David walks into reception and stands next to Reg Hayles, watching.  Jane suggests she pretends to book in a guest.  "Kelly, see if that's alright will you," says Reg Hayles passing his camera to Kelly.
David takes the camera instead.  "Looks fine to me, except you need someone standing at the desk being booked in," he says.  David hands Reg back his camera, and walks Kelly to the desk.  He puts one hand around her waist and another on her shoulder.  "Maybe like this.  What do you think?" asks David, turning to Reg.  Hayles takes a photo.  Kelly brushes David off.  "Mr Hunter, we decide on the pictures ok.  You're causing a lot of trouble," says Kelly.  "Sorry.  I didn't realise I was bothering you," says David and walks away.  "Reg.  Why did you take that picture?" asks Kelly.  "For your private collection.  So David Hunter doesn't mean a thing to you.  Who are you trying to kid," says Reg.
A man finds Carney and says he heard that he likes dogs.  He offers Carney a puppy for 5.  "Five pounds for that," says Carney.  "Oh well, I'll have to drop it on the motorway and leave him take his chance," says the man.  "No, wait.  I haven't got five quid on me, but I can get it," says Carney.
Brian Jarvis finds Faye Mansfield in the sitting room making up the wage packets and asks her to have dinner with him.  She accepts.  Once they have left the sitting room Carney comes in through the French windows.  He goes to the desk, takes a wage packet and then gives the man five pounds for the dog.  Later when Diane takes Carney a cup of tea she see's the dog and asks Carney how much he paid for it.  "Five pounds.  You've been had," she says. 
Shughie complains to Sandy that Reg Hayles and Angela Kelly are trying to make the Motel look bad by taking photos of Jane mopping up spilt milk and a photo of him holding a whisky bottle.  
Faye tells Sandy that one of the wage packets is missing.  "What do we do?  Call the police?" she asks.  Sandy says they will give the person who took it a chance to put it back.  Faye tells the kitchen staff about the missing wage packet.  Mrs Witton glances at Amy immediately suspecting her of theft.
Sandy tells David about the missing wage packet and then realises that everyone will suspect Amy.  He rushes to the kitchen and meets Amy coming out looking as if she is going to cry.  "Amy wait," he calls but she leaves.

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