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Stan tells Norman Finn that he thinks they should part company.  "You mean I'm sacked," says Norman.  "No, you're being made redundant.  I've got to sell the business," explains Stan. 

Jane tells Shughie that she is worried about Amy.  She says she went to Amy's house but her neighbour said she hadn't seen her for a couple of days.

Meg receives a telephone call from the Castlewich Clarion, the newspaper Sandy used to work for, and an old colleague of Sandy's tells her that Amy has been charged with shoplifting and has to appear in court.

Meg rushes off to the court.  The magistrate says that Amy won't be charged under the circumstances.  Meg waits for Amy outside the court and when she appears, Meg rushes to her and links her arm through Amy's, but Amy brushes her off.    

Meg's Granny Frazer arrives at the Motel and meets Hugh.  She warns Meg that if she marries Hugh she would be making a mistake.  Meg tells David that Granny Frazer has arrived at the motel and David says he is looking forward to meeting her.  Later, Granny Frazer meets David.  "You're everything I expected you to be.  At least someone's sound in mind and body," says Granny Frazer. 
Reg Hayles, the photographer from the Evening Illustrated newspaper arrives at the Motel, and David offers him the choice of either Chalet 15 or 16. Hayles says he will have Chalet 15 but instead takes the key to Chalet 16.  David hangs the key to Chalet 15 on the peg for Chalet 16.  Later Angela Kelly, the reporter from the Evening Illustrated books into the Motel and Jane Smith books her into Chalet 16, but seeing that the key to Chalet 15 is on the wrong peg, she assumes that the key to chalet 16 is in the lock.  A little later Angela Kelly storms into David Hunters office demanding to know why she has been put in the same chalet as Reg Hayles, and sharing a twin bed!    
Sandy asks David for his opinion on the reporter Angela Kelly.  David says she is alright if you like people who go around in patched jeans.  Sandy says she has made an impression on David.  "You can chat her up to keep her away from Mum," suggests Sandy. 
Kelly wanders into the Motel kitchen and Mrs Witton tells her she isn't allowed in this part of the Motel.  Shughie McFee threatens to call Mrs Richardson and at the mention of her name Kelly starts asking questions.  David Hunter comes into the kitchen and, putting his hands on her shoulders, steers her out of the kitchen.
Kelly admires the paintings in David's office.  She tells David that she noticed he is being very nice to her.  "Despite your kindness, I'll write what I want about this motel," she says.
Later, Kelly meets Meg face to face and says she has seen her somewhere before but can't place her for the moment.  Kelly asks about her first husband and Meg tells her that her husband Charles Richardson died some years ago.  "But you were married again?" asks Kelly and Meg admits she was.  "I know, you were married to Malcom Ryder, weren't you.  I remember all the newspaper articles" says Kelly.  Meg makes it clear that she does not want anything published about Malcolm Ryder.

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