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Allen's acting acting actually started in his home country, Australia.  "I come from the Barrier Reef country and you just can't make it as an actor if you live up there.  So I went to Sydney and settled there.  I picked up an agent and worked there for fourteen years."  When he decided to quit Australia for the English stage, fortune brought him to the Birmingham Repertory Company, just across the road from the ATV Centre, home of the Crossroads studios.  "One day I happened to ask what they made over there.  Someone said it was Crossroads, so I thought I'd try for a part in the show."
When Jack Barton, Crossroads' producer received Allen's application he saw that among other credits, was a part for another series, set in Australia and produced by an old Crossroads hand, Reg Watson, who produced the show here for the first nine years it was broadcast.  "As you can imagine, once Jack saw that I'd been working with Reg, he was well disposed towards me."
From thereon in, Allen Lander's acting career became the property of the eight million fans who turn on Crossroads four times every week.  "In some way," he admits, "I prefer working on stage to the TV.  On stage you get the chance to forget your lines once you've really learnt them.  All you have to do is concentrate on your performance every night.  But here you have to keep learning whole new sets of lines.  I don't find the pressure hard, because I've done plenty of series work, but there's no denying the tension."  
"Monday night I learn lines and you have to know them by Tuesday so Monday's swatting night.  Tuesday's knowing it day.  Wednesday is getting that bit more familiar and then Thursday is doing it.  So from Monday onwards you've lived with this area of tension in your head.  When it's all over you just go phewww!!"
Tension or not, Allen Lander still enjoys his role in Crossroads.  As he says emphatically, echoing every member of the cast, "I love it here."  The Doctor's out of the show at the moment, but who knows when he may be back.  And if and when he does return, there's bound to be plenty of drama following the handsome doctor.  David Hunter fans - watch out!

Crossroads Monthly Issue Five