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Carrying on for Sally has meant a varied theatrical and film career which has included stints at the Windsor and York Theatres Royal, the female lead in a children's series for Yorkshire TV and a lurid appearance in a blood-soaked film version of Count Dracula.  "I played the victim, Count Dracula's virginal victim.  It was really quite a high-class horror film, actually, Nigel Green was in it too.  And Denham Elliott."  And of course there's been the more or less continuing role in Crossroads over the last four years.
Which, like everyone else whose careers have brought them to King's Oak, she continues to find enjoyable.  It's hard work, certainly, but that just makes the series more fun to act in as far as Sally Adcock's concerned.  "There's an awful lot to fit in every week, but I honestly think that's the only way you can work.  Really, if you don't get yourself worked up a bit you'd give a very flat performance."
Which is something neither Sally, nor Jane happen to give.  So Crossroads fans everywhere can undoubtedly look forward to watching yet another example of the Motel's most enthusiastic worker, on and off her job, tackling life's thornier problems.   

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