Diane: Crossroads 'Problem Child' ... continued

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"I think of him as a son figure.  I haven't got my own son with me, because he's in America and I never see him so I suppose Benny is a substitute.  I'm quite involved with him on this level and I get very jealous when anybody else comes and diverts his attention from me.  He's suddenly not relying on me so much."
As far as Sue Hanson can see, Diane Lawton, unlike the Midlands figures who make up so many of the Crossroads characters, is a northerner.  "She's very north country, her bark's worse than her bite, she may seem pretty hard at times but underneath she's really very soft.  Everything that I can't be as Sue Hanson, I try to put into Diane.  The part doesn't actually take me over, after all it is a job, but I do draw on many personal experiences and resources to create the figure.  But overall there's this feeling of putting together a figure who is everything I would like to be but can't be.  So I try to make her very complex and above all interesting."
And Diane's future?  After all her traumas and troubles, Sue would like to see Diane having a more settled, generally happier period for a while.  "I would like to see her have a successful relationship, as long as it was still an exciting one too."  Whether the fortunes of Crossroads most troubled regular will permit her such a happy event is byond Sue Hanson's knowledge, but she remains optimistic.  After ten years of traumas, maybe she's got a point.  Even problem children have to have their fun occasionally.