Dear Diary ... continued

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Sunday ...
I've just got to admit that the family genius seems to have rubbed off on my Jill.  She popped over on her own today (Stan was working again!) to ask my opinion on the designs for her new range of summer dresses.  I must say they were quite superb.  I don't know whether it's the new sewing machine that's sparked something off, but to my mind, her ideas have been improving almost by the day!  To start with, there was a lingerie type of thing with a T-shape top that came down to a drawstring waist.  The cut is really unusual and dare I say it, I could almost see myself wearing it!  Then there was one with a camisole top and laced hem.  I suggested she try a flower print for that idea, in soft blues and reds.
Flagship of the range, though, must be the tiered sundress with shoulder straps and matching fringed shawl.  It looked a winner all the way to me ... just the thing to be seen wearing while strolling around Tenerife!  I sometimes wonder, however, just how Stan is going to take it all.  It's often not easy for a man to cope with having a successful wife and many a marriage has foundered in the wake of fame and fortune.  I sometimes discuss it with the two of them and although I suppose they'd be quite justified in telling me to mind my own business, in fact they seem only too pleased to talk about it.  As the wise man once said, a problem nipped in the bud is easy to solve but a problem left lingering can slay you. 

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