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That's a wish that may come true sooner than Kim might have expected, if a projected James Bond film is directed by Lewis Gilbert sometime later this year.  "I don't know how definite it is, but there should be a chance for me if the film comes off."
Meanwhile Kim is working hard on his Crossroads role.  "What I enjoy about working for Crossroads is that there's always a chance to improve on your performance.  I mean you get the script each week and you do the role as best you can.  Then you see how it came out on the screen and you can learn from that and make any corrections or improvements that are necessary."
Does Kim see himself as on of the Crossroads stars of the future?  "I don't really ... but then I don't even really see myself as any type of star.  The best thing for me as far as I am concerned is to feel that I am considered a good actor by the people whom I consider are good actors.  Anyway stars today aren't stars tomorrow.  The fashion is always changing.  Thirty years ago they just wanted a good-looking face and if they could speak reasonably clearly as well, that was fine.  NOw you've got actors like Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman; people like that wouldn't have stood a chance twenty years ago.  After all, it all depends on chance doesn't it?  You can never tell, can you?  That's the beauty of the acting profession.  Whatever happens, whether you're working or not, or you're successful of not, you just can't tell!" 

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