Dear Diary

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Monday ...
Thank heavens the Stan and Jill house moving saga is finally over.  My little arrangement with Mr Tupper was enough to get everybody moving and I must say I don't regret it for a minute.  I was hoping, mind you, that Stan wouldn't find out about the loan but poor Mr Tupper rather put his foot in it and spilled the beans.  I suppose I can't really blame Stan for reacting the way he did and who could begrudge him his obstinate streak of pride?  Eventually though, after thinking things over he cooled right down and in fact in his heart now I suspect he's a little pleased about it.  After all, it didn't just help them and Mr Tupper ... there were quite a few other people in the chain besides.  You can call me an interfering old so and so but I've been through it all myself more times than I care to remember and believe me there are occasions when you should use all the help you are offered.  I think what finally convinced him was my saying he'd probably at one time or another be able to help somebody else in the same way.  That seemed to put everything into the right perspective.
Anyway, now all that's done the two of them can get down to the real business in hand ... sorting out the house.  So far as I can see, they've certainly made a fine choice.  Chimneys has the sort of homely atmosphere that every house buyer looks for and Stan already has a few interesting new ideas up his sleeve.  One little gadget really impressed me.  Instead of having a normal front door lock there is a new invention on the market which for old or single people could be particularly useful.  Similar to a combination lock, by the door you have a small plate with numbers on it - it looks a bit like a pocket calculator - and to get the door to open, you have to select a four figure number.  Apparently it's easy to change that number any time you want and if anyone tries to get in without it - well, an alarm goes off after the fourth wrong attempt.
Tuesday ...   
It was good to see Bob Powell back at the Motel - good that is until I heard the tragic news of the death of his wife and child.  David, who of course knew his wife well - she was his secretary at one time - is trying very hard to help Bob in every way he can, although all the wise words in the world won't go to make up the loss.  I know it seems almost impossible at the time, but there's no doubt in my mind the first thing to do is to get out and start a new life ... a new home with new friends and so on.  Staying in the old familiar surroundings and thinking about the past can knock the stuffing right out of you for good and I admire Bob immensely for making the effort.  Life has to go on and the future is only what you make it.
Taling about futures, one which to my mind is hanging in the balance is that of the Olympic Games.  Watching it on the television, it came to me just how far we've strayed from the original idea of the Games.  Once upon a time, taking part was the all-important thing - not counting how many medals you've won! 

Dear Diary ... continued