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Like everyone who has enjoyed the experience of a Crossroads role, Zeph has come to accept the kind of public recognition that is the lot of all the show's stars.  And while she's the first to say 'Thank you' to all those loyal supporters, she does make a very legitimate plea.  "Of course I enjoy it when people come up and say 'Hello Vera' as I'm walking down the street, but sometimes it can be a bit of a bind.  If I'm just going from A to B, or out for a pound of cheese for my lunch or whatever, it can be difficult to settle down to a nice chat."
All things being equal, however, Zeph is going to have to set aside her cheese buying for quite a while yet.  Vera doesn't appear to be leaving the Motel, however difficult her life may get sometimes.  Between the problems of her love life and the worries over the salon - though these seem to be vanishing at the moment - she's got her time cut out for a long time.  Zeph hopes that she can keep developing Vera as an integral part of the Crossroads story.  "I feel she is a woman on her own and that this is a very interesting situation and it ought to be explored.  There's more to being alone than just wondering whether she'll have a boyfriend or not."  Whether this means we'll be seeing a liberated hairdresser at the Motel, and after all the Salon's already going unisex, is still a mystery.  That Vera Downend, in the talented person of Zeph Gladstone will be around for a long time yet, is certainly not.   

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