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"I think what's good is that it isn't a high-falutin' story.  I mean every day people can watch a show in which the actors portray real roles.  People cook and talk and clean and it's just mundane, like ordinary lives.  I think Noele Gordon has built up a marvellously believable character and has had everything happen to her that anyone could understand.  Every mother will be able to sympathise.  She's had a son put in a wheelchair, now her grand-daughter is taking an overdose of pills ... these are things that happen to people all the time and this is what makes Crossroads so popular and successful." 
Playing the sophisticated Doctor Maddox is certainly a far cry from Anita's comedy career.  But so far, she isn't too sure of how the new arrival on the Crossroads scene willl be shaping up.  "I think there may be some romantic attachment with a surgeon at the hospital who's a friend of David Hunter's but honestly I don't know."  How does she see her part:  "I think Hilary Maddox is quite a tough lady, very involved with her work.  Not as crazy as Kelly is, but certainly very much interested in her career."
From comedy to Crossroads is quite a leap, and now she's arrived at the Motel, who can say where Anita West will be taking her new role.  One thing's sure, come what may, Crossroads viewers will be happy to welcome yet another recruit to TV's most popular series.