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The last story, which is only just beginning, concerns a girl - a very young girl, in her teens - Glenda Brownlow.
She says she's seventeen, she says she's on her way to London, to get a job as a dancer on TV, through some friends of hers who know all the right people ...
Luckily for Glenda, the first person she meets is Jane, when she walks in and orders coffee and a sandwich, and tries to walk out again without paying.  Jane realises she's got a problem on her hands, and starts to ask questions; later persuading her to stay at the Salvation Army Hostel for a few nights, and then suggesting it might help tide her over if she got a temporary job at the Motel, as a washer-up.
She can't stay at the Hostel for long, and Vera lets Jane talk her into taking Glenda to stay on the boat.  "Just for a couple of nights, until she can find somewhere else."
The fact is, Glenda puts on such a tough, know-it-all manner, it's hard for anyone to take to her at first sight; but the more Jane finds out about the lonely, frightened kid behind the facade, the more concerned she becomes.
One person who really takes a dislike to Glenda is Mrs Witton, and she makes no attempt to hide her feelings.  In fact, when Mrs Witton's wristwatch goes missing, she makes no bones about it.  Obviously Glenda must have stolen it!
"It's got to be her, who else could it be?"

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