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Talking it over, Avis and Stephanie feel that Mrs Addy is convinced she is not long for this world.  Avis asks Dr Farnham for an unofficial opinion, and is able to reassure the old lady later, the doctor says she's good for many years yet, she'll probably outlive the lot of them.
But Mrs Addy shakes her head:  "No dear ... The doctoris wrong for once.  I know - I'm going to pass on very soon, on the night of July 30th ... I've seen it in my crystal ball, and the crystal is never wrong!"
The girls can't take this seriously, but as Mrs Addy goes on, more and more convinced of her impending doom with each day that passes, they begin to get alarmed.
Mrs Addy herself is not in the least depressed; in fact her behaviour becomes more bizarre than ever, as she realises she only has a short time left, and decides to live her life to the full.  She contemplates robbing a bank ...
("To give to the poor, like Robin Hood ... Only of course I would never wear green - such an unlucky colour").
And she actually drenches the next door neighbours with a garden hose when they persist in playing their radio out in the garden at full blast; secure in the knowledge that she will soon be beyond the reach of the law. 
Finally, she decides to throw a 'farewell party' on the fatal night, inviting not only her own friends, but a lot of the Motel staff as well.  Sandy is in the know, though none of the other guests have any idea of the reason behind this little get together.  As Sandy comments:  "It might put a bit of a damper on the last waltz!"  
Midnight comes and goes; Mrs Addy drifts peacefully off to sleep ... And the next morning wakes to find herself as hale and hearty as ever.  She is very put out - and bewildered.  "You mean I'm still alive?  But I simply can't understand it, my crystal has never, never been known to fail!"
By now, Dr Hilary Maddox has become a firm friend of Meg's - and she brings one of her hospital colleagues over to the Motel for supper ... Mrs Eileen Blythe, a Staff Administrator and a nice, unpretentious person. 
Eileen is divorced, with a ten-year-old son (who is at boarding school in term-time, and stays with her parents in his holidays) - and she shares a flat with Hilary.  Apart from a slight tendency to fall for the same man, now and again, the two women are the best of friends.
Remember Bob Powell?  It was Bob, a famous neuro-surgeon, who married David's one-time secretary, Anne Taylor, and it was Bob who, fearing that he was going blind and rejecting any idea of laying claim to Anne's sympathy, tried to push her back into David's arms.  But that story had a happy ending; Bob underwent a serious eye operation, and recovered his sight ... And, thanks to David, his wife too.