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A Complete Rundown On Last Month's Episodes


Jeff Gilbert has been taken on as the new barman, in the place left vacant by Bill Warren.
When he came for his interview, he met Jane - a Jane who was unrecognisably be-glamoured and be-wigged - and she was introduced to him by Vera and Mrs Witton as the lovely 'Miss Sullivan' - one of the Motel guests.  (Gilbert and Sullivan ...They should make beautiful music together ...)
He has made a date to meet her again, and when the night arrives he sits waiting for her in Reception.  It took a lot of persuasion (mostly by Mrs Witton) to get Jane to dress herself up again in all the gear; and she only agreed to do it finally so that her confession shan't come as too much of a shock for the unsuspecting young man.  She's going to let him down gently. 
Then Sandy meets her on the way to an appointment, and tells her bluntly that he much prefers her as she really is.  That does it; Jane changes back into her own clothes, takes off the wig and make-up, and goes out to break the news to Jeff ... And he doesn't even recognise her.
Shaken, she blurts out an excuse:  "Miss Sullivan says she's very sorry - she had to go away - and ... And she won't be coming back."
Jeff is disappointed, of course; but how does Jane feel?  She tells Mrs Witton it's all for the best - and makes her promise never, never to tell.  Jeff must never find out who 'Miss Sullivan' really was.
As for Jeff himself - he starts his new job, and settles in to the routine very quickly.  He certainly fancies himself as a Don Juan, and chats up every pretty girl he meets - whether it's Stephanie or Vera.  But he never gets very far, somehow; and perhaps, under all the bright and breezy patter, he's not quite such a ladykiller as he'd have you believe.  In fact - his feelings for Stephanie could go rather deeper than that; but as long as he goes on with his 'cheeky chappie' act, it's hard to be sure.   
Oddly enough, soon after Jeff joins the staff, there is another newcomer, who really has all those qualities that Jeff is trying to acquire ... Mr Rex Oliver - known, inevitably, as 'sexy Rexy'.
Vera has been having trouble in finding an assistant to run the men's side of the newly reopened 'unisex' hairdressing salon.  One of the men she interviewed, Mr O'Neill, was too elderly and too set in his ways; but she didn't have the embarrassment of turning him down.  After talking it over with his wife, Mr O'Neill returned to say that he didn't want the job after all.  Apparently, Mrs O'Neill disapproved of her seventy-year old husband working alongside a lot of young females ... Putting temptation in his way!
So when Rex Oliver turns up, Vera accepts him gratefully.  He's experienced, sophisticated, very good-looking - and he does have a way with the ladies.  She can't make him out at first; one minute he's oozing sex-appeal and charm, and the next he's brisk and businesslike as an Income Tax demand.  Their relationship appears to be strictly professional - and then he somehow invites himself over for an evening on Vera's boat - and before she knows what's happening, it's all soft lights and sweet music, and a strong arm sliding around her shoulders.

Crossroads Day By Day ... continued