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More Pages From Meg Mortimer's Own Intimate Diary


Saturday ...
The good news for this (and for that matter, any other) week is that my Sandy's home.  Although I couldn't have honestly begrudged him a single second of his holiday in Scotland I can still say that I missed him as only a mother could miss her son.  I'm sure, too, that Sandy's glad to be back, despite his very difficult situation with Faye.  I'll vouch that true love never did run smooth but as far as the Crossroads Motel is concerned, Cupid seems to have let everything get totally out of hand.
From what I can make out, Sandy is being spurned by Faye.  She, however, has lost the attentions of John Farnham (and good thing too, says David Hunter) and John is not having a lot of luck with Lia!  Well, I don't know ... I'm not even sure if that's the half of it.  Never mind, I suppose the knots will untangle themselves sooner or later.  At least Sandy has thrown himself into his work and it's very sensible of him.  In times of trouble or stress there's nothing like a good dose of hard work to keep you sane.  Luckily for me, I don't often get much choice in the matter!
Sunday ...
Aah - I see warm Summer evenings approaching.  At last all the trees and bushes are turning green, matched marvellously by the pretty pink cherry blossom.  Somehow there's so much beauty in a new year!  Autumn, of course, has its moments, but Spring is so much younger and fresher.  Hugh mentioned something today which I must say I'd noticed, and yet I hadn't (if you know what I mean).  It's the roadsides and hedgerows.  They've been looking far more colourful of late and for an interesting reason.  Over the years, Hugh tells me, local councils have tended to use more and more poison to keep back the weeds and so on.  Now, however, because of the country's economic position, they've had to cut back.  Well, as far as I'm concerned, if this is the result, then I say good thing too.  It's funny how, when things slowly disappear, you hardly miss them going.  But when they come back you wonder why you hadn't noticed they'd gone.  Anyway, back have come the primroses, the butterflies and the wild poppies and it really is so beautiful!
Tuesday ...
Now that the clocks have changed to give us that extra hour in the evenings - I find I can get so much more done (including writing this diary!).  Naturally it's spring-cleaning time and although always hard work, somehow it's worth doing.  Of course, our major bit of change-around is the re-designed bar.  It should look lovely when it's all finished, though looking at it right now, I sometimes wonder if that day will ever come.  Stan is doing a hero's job on the wiring circuits and lighting systems, although for the life of me I just can't make out how he knows which wire is which.  They all seem the same to my inexperienced eye.  Still, he looks confident and that's good enough for me.  Sometimes I'm glad that all I have to do is turn switches on and off.

Dear Diary ... continued