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The late Godfrey Winn, surely one of the most sympathetic and human of journalists, was naturally a leading and loyal fan of Crossroads.  Winn, whose columns and feature writing bewitched literally millions of magazine readers, actually appeared in several episodes of Crossroads, portraying, of course, Godfrey Winn!


Crossroads has certainly attracted the famous in its twelve years of TV success, but cast and crew alike still look back fondly to that great day in 1970 when Princess Alexandra dropped into Britain's favourite Motel.  In Birmingham to open the new ATV Studios, the royal Princess tossed aside her pre-arranged schedule to make a personal visit to the Crossroads stars.
Pictured L-R:  Elizabeth Croft, Jacqueline Stanbury, Betty England, Noele Gordon, Princess Alexandra, Susan Hanson and Joy Andrews.

Crossroads Monthly Issue Three