David Hunter: Meg's Perfect Partner ... continued

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What Ronnie particularly enjoys about being David Hunter is the way in which the character is continually changing and developing.  "What I mean is that when you do a one-off play you rehearse and rehearse just to define a particular character.  Once that's done, there's no changing him.  But in Crossroads the character can do anything.  He's developing all the time, you know, and new facets are being revealed all the time.  At the moment we're in the middle of telling how David Hunter was fighting in the jungle in Malaya when he was doing his national service.  After five years, the audience has only just discovered this aspect of his character.  There are many, many things going on."
With the non-stop active life Ronnie Allen leads on the Crossroads set, it will probably surprise many viewers to learn that outside the studios he really leads rather a quiet life.  He lives in South London with a boxer called Sam and a Seal Point Siamese cat called Sita.  Obviously, with five days of rehearsing and recording the four nights a week series, he has to have a flat in Birmingham as well.  "Four times a week is a hell of a lot of TV to do," he points out.  And from time to time he does get tired.  So the weekends tend to be devoted strictly to relaxation.  Then it's back to the ATV studios in the heart of Birmingham and another week in the heady atmosphere of the Crossroads Motel.
But even if the pace does get a little hectic at times, then that's just part of what to Ronnie Allen is the great delight of working with the Crossroads team.  As far as he's concerned, thers's nothing like it, and for all the viewers who have come to enjoy his portrayal of David Hunter, it looks as if he'll be with the Motel for a long time to come.  To give him the final word,  "I would be quite happy to stay on indefinately.  I really do enjoy it."  

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