Tina - A Pretty Face in Passing

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As with any 'regular' motel, faces come and go with surprising regularity at the Crossroads.  One such face - and a remarkably pretty one it is too - is little Tina, Mr Booth's blue-eyed, blonde cousin.
Tina - played by 19-year-old Rosie Collins - has been a member of the Crossroads family for seven months.  During that time she has brought a welcome breath of fresh air to the motel - the kitchen in particular - and won her way into the hearts of cast and viewers alike.  Then she met Simon Whitaker, fell in love, and, when Simon moved to London to work in a hotel, decided to hand in her resignation.  Which means, of course, that this pretty face will soon be just a pretty memory for Crossroads viewers.
And how did Rosie enjoy her stay at the Crossroads Motel?  "Oh, I loved it.  It's been a great experience, especially for a person of my age.  I'll miss the people here more than anything ... all of them - the cast, the people behind the scenes, the make-up girls ... they're all really lovely people.  But one thing I must say, I am exhausted!"
Tina came to Crossroads in a rather roundabout fashion.  Originally she went to audition for the part of Avis, but "I didn't quite fit the bill".  However, a year later, producer Jack Barton asked her in for another audition.  "There were lots of people there," Rosie remembers.  "Finally it got down to about three of us, but they didn't tell us who had got the part.  I was driving home when I broke down on the motorway.  To fill in time I phoned my agent to see if she had heard anything.  She said I had got it!"
Before Crossroads, you may remember having seen Rosie as a secretary in Justice.  However, it was "only a little part," and Tina was a much greater challenge.
"There is a lot of me in Tina," confesses Rosie.  "But I'm a little harder than she is I think.  Tina wants to be loved like any other girl.  But I'm not as silly as she is ... I'm really not, although everyone here thinks I am!"
And what does the future hold for Rosie?  "Well, for the first two weeks I'm going to go to a health farm.  Then, touch wood, I'll be making a record.  It's called Just Imagine Yourself and Glider are going to back it."