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In May 1967, Meg Richardson and a handful of her kitchen staff - Carlos the Chef, Marilyn Gates, the restaurant's waitress, and Pepe - flew off to Tunisia.  Meg had agreed to open a new hotel there, and her staff were to help train the Tunisian employees.  The move, however, was only temporary.  Three months later, Meg was back at King's Oak.  But Tunisia had proved a wonderful change for the Crossroads regulars, and the snaps they took are lasting memories of a truly memorable time.  Here Meg opens the Crossroads Photo Album to those days of sand and sunshine ...


Here's me.  I think I was looking for some shade and Pepe insisted on taking the picture.  we're not far away from the lovely 'Desert Coral' hotel.
Marilyn nervously making the acquaintance of 'Lotus', our friendly camel.  In fact, it was us who gave her the name - nobody could pronounce the Arabic version!
Marilyn, halfway towards getting a marvellous tan.
Back again, in Djerba, buying something from one of those mysterious little bazaars.  I'm not sure now exactly what it was, but I do seem to be having trouble working out the price! 
Here's Pepe, looking as though he's about to throw me across his camel and ride off into the desert.  I should be so lucky!
Carlos and I having our daily dip.  Most days it was the only way to keep cool.  The towel wasn't meant to join us.

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