Meet The Amazing Noele Gordon ... continued

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Noele and Lew Grade
Noele and ATV chief Sir Lew Grade celebrating the 1500th Crossroads episode

Tell us a bit about Lunchbox.
Jolly great programme that.  I did it with Ivor Jay, who is now the script editor on Crossroads.  I used to hate Ivor and Ivor used to hate me.  The first time I ever really talked to Ivor was when we all met at an ATV party, and he looked at me and said, 'I bet you wouldn't go into the lion's den at the local circus.'  And I said, 'I bet you I would, but there's easier ways to get rid of me than that!'  No ... I loved doing Lunchbox, it was great fun.  I love interviewing and I love doing live shows.
Do you get on well with the rest of the Crossroads company?
We all get on very well.  We're a family, you see.  You've got to get on ... after all, you're living with each other five days a week.  We are all very fond of each other.  We like each other.  We know each other extremely well, and so we make allowances for each other.
What do you think were some of the finest Crossroads episodes?
I think, personally, some of the best episodes we ever did were at Coventry Cathedral.  They were so pleased with some of these episodes that they have put the scripts in the archives of the Cathedral.  We shot some fabulous stuff in the Cathedral which brought people from alll over the country to see it who had never been there before.  The episodes were around the time of the car accident in which Sandy was injured, and we spent a lot of time wandering around the Cathedral asking for guidance and so on.
What about the marriage?  Do you feel that was a good episode?
The wedding, too, was very nice and I think we showed the rest of the country just what a beautiful Cathedral Birmingham has got.  I think it was a great highsopt.  It did a lot of good too, because a lot of people didn't realise that a civil marriage could be blessed.  You'd be surprised what people don't know!  It's funny, but people pick up a lot more if they are watching something as entertainment rather than being preached at.  They know what they see on Crossroads is true because it is all fully researched.
What has been the greatest thrill of your career?
I had a tremendous thrill when I appeared at the Palladium with Larry a year ago.  Having played the Palladium as a principal boy, going back 20 years later and being able to sing and carry on was great.  I also did the Command Performance which was fabulous.  The first night of Brigadoon was a great thrill too.  A lot of people don't think I did very much before Crossroads.
And what about embarassing moments on the show?
Once Princess Alexandra came to open the new studios here about two years ago.  I had to do a fall in reception ... a sort of comedy thing.  She asked me, 'Do you hurt yourself when you fall?'  And I said, 'Well, not really.  We're taught how to fall in drama school.'  Well, she asked to see me do it.  And I fell ... The newsboys were there shooting it for the TV news, and that night it came over at six o'clock.  The following morning I went into the garage next door, and the fellow there said, 'You ought to be ashamed of yourself!  Were you drunk last night?  Falling down in front of the Princess like that...!'
What about the future, Noele?
Starting this summer I'm going to do a proper variety act.  It's good to have something to do besides Crossroads, although you must find time to prepare it well.
Does this mean and end to Meg Richardson?
Why no ... not by the ratings.  It's getting more and more popular each year ...It's incredible!
Which just about sums up Noele Gordon ... incredible!