Desperately He Plotted To Kidnap His Little Son (continued)

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Outside, he carefully picked up the tiny bundle and walked to the Granada.  He put the sleeping baby in the carrycot.  Half a minute later, he was out of the car park and heading for the motorway.
"Darryll, darling, I'm not sure I want you to see my tired old frame with nothing to hide it but my tired old blushes," Barbara said.  But she knew her body looked pretty good, still.
Darryll did not answer.  Gently, he unbuttoned the fuchsia blouse.  Lovingly, he slipped the straps beneath i off her pale, smooth round shoulders.  Those slender, magical fingers ...
Suddenly she was shamelessly, wickedly uncovered.  And being kissed with a ruthless young passion here, here, and here...
Safely on the motorway, David felt free to ease his speed up to 70.  But no more.  Nothing to attract police attention.  Just as well.  because there ahead, up on a roadside ramp, stood a patrol car, its blue light idly twirling.  Once passt this, David thought, better get on to a nice ordinary country road.
He passed the patrol car at a sedate 68.  And in his rear-view mirror, saw it slide off the ramp and gather speed behind him.  Oh, Christ.  Let's just hope...
The police headlights blazed into life.  The siren set up its panicking howl.  His scalp froze.  He put his foot down.