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  • Meg's son Sandy (the late Roger Tonge) was confined to a wheelchair after being crippled in an accident in 1972.  There was a big wedding at the motel and, afterwards, Sandy offered to drive a tipsy couple home.  When he stopped for petrol the girl got behind the wheel and insisted on driving.  She lost control and smashed into a telegraph pole, killing herself.  Sandy was maimed for life.
  • Hugh Mortimer came back into Meg's life and they planned to marry.  But then Ryder reappeared and Meg realised with horror she was still married to him.  She divorced him after he was jailed for attempted murder, and in 1975 she married Hugh.
  • Loveable yokel Benny Hawkins (Paul Henry) will never forget the pretty girl who broke his heart in 1977.  When Josie Welch first came to stay at the farm where he worked she tormented him.  But when she heard he had been left 1000 she became warm and loving, and Benny fell for her and proposed.  Josie was pregnant by another man, but Benny didn't mind.  He was heartbroken when she called off the marriage and realised she had been taking advantage of him.
  • Benny fell in love with beautiful gipsy girl Maureen Flynn, and they planned to marry.  But Maureen was killed when she was knocked off her bicycle on their wedding day in 1977, and Benny was inconsolable.  He still tends her grave and puts flowers on it.
  • Benny was frightened and bewildered when he was wrongly suspected of murder in 1980.  Sexy Linda Welch, who worked at the farm, had been having an affair with manager Colin Dutton, a married man, and when the romance cooled she tried to blackmail him.  In a rage, Dutton chased Linda into the garage washroom, where she slipped on a wet floor, cracked her head on a washbasin and died instantly.  Benny found the body, making him the prime suspect.  Eventually the truth came out, pleasing the thousands of fans who had launched a big "Benny is innocent" campaign.
  • Chris, the tearaway son of David Hunter (Ronald Allen), asked Diane to go through a marriage of convenience with him in 1979 so he could inherit a fortune under his grandmother's will.  He promised her money and Diane, struggling to bring up her son single-handed, agreed.  But she never saw a penny.
  • Hugh Mortimer was kidnapped in 1978, which led to his death from a heart attack.  David Hunter was plagued with guilt because his son Chris had been involved with the terrorists.  And David had had an affair with Simone, the girl who had baited the trap to get Chris into the terrorist organisation. 
  • When David Hunter's neurotic first wife Rosemary heard of his engagement to novelist Barbara Brady in 1981 she was furious.  In a bitter confrontation she hot him, leaving him seriously wounded.  She is now in a mental hospital.
  • With a brass band playing A Life on The Ocean Wave the QE2 eased away from Southampton quayside...and Meg Mortimer sailed off from Crossroads.  Her departure in 1981 followed a misunderstanding with David Hunter over shares, and she was thought to have been trapped in the motel when it burned down on Guy Fawkes' night.  But she had already decided to make a new life for herself in America and had left, leaving a note for Jill which was destroyed in the fire.  She made a brief reappearance last year for a reunion with Jill and Adam Chance (Tony Adams) on their honeymoon in Venice.